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See How Top Designers Use These Must-Have Elements for Serious Centerpieces

See How Top Designers Use These Must-Have Elements for Serious Centerpieces

When you walk into a wedding reception or a gala event, you know immediately when it has the subtle calling cards of the best professional event designers. Whether you are looking to capture a bit of that certain something in your next DIY event or are looking to level up in your own event business, we have a gorgeous design element that will get your design game where you want to go.

Crystal Bead Strands and Pendants

A secret that pro designers employ to maximize space and budgets: Creative use of vertical space separates okay from stunning. The top pros know how to make a room look layered, with attention to key wow! elements that pull the entire look together. Crystal bead strands and pendants are a fabulous way to make the most of the space between the tabletop and the event"s visual ceiling. They finish the look perfectly, are easy to install and tear down, and last for season after season and application after application.

The look above combines a tall Manzanita tree, a modest array of fresh florals, and crystal bead strands paired with suspended candle holders for a high impact centerpiece that can be repeated throughout the event without busting the budget.

Never one to economize in the wrong places, this signature Colin Cowie look combines luxurious tall florals with crystal bead strands and pendants for an effect that is simply stunning. Longer strands of crystals interspersed throughout the event make the most of the extraordinary ceiling height and fabric drapes. Our crystal bead strands are entirely customizable in length, giving you maximum value and flexibility at a reasonable cost.

On Fleek Feast

Your guests will be focused on your buffet table, so why not take advantage of this space to showcase a wow! feature? Crystal bead strands at varying heights and hanging glass globe candleholders add romance (and some interesting shadows) to this appetizing spread.

Table to Die For

The table centerpiece is the Decor that your guests will see up close and personal, and it can make or break conversation at your event. Make every centerpiece memorable ~ and an asset to the event"s vibe rather than a conversation killer. Bring a tall centerpiece like this one down to eye level with glass globe candle holders suspended on crystal bead strands and filled with romantic tealights. (Pro tip: To get this jellyfish floral effect, our risers are the best in the industry. Check out our selection of riser kits, or call us for help assembling just the right custom pieces for your look.)

Name that Table Gorgeous

Finally, we love the trend toward imaginative place card table design. This drop dead gorgeous creation serves its function without compromising on style, and it"s just as lovely full of cards at the start of the event as it is once everyone has been seated. Combining segments of crystal rolls cut to different lengths, pendants (for weight as well as style), and silver branches, this installation will make a lovely photo background once your guests are in place.

And we just have to share a link to our entire selection of candle holders, because there are just too many in these images to list, and we"re adding products all of the time.

We are honored to serve some of the biggest names in the wedding and event industry, but we are a small family business at heart. (And you might be surprised how many of the top names in event planning would say the same.) We know what it"s like to work hard for your clients, and we are committed to maximizing your event budget, regardless of how many zeroes it sports. It"s our pleasure to make the most of every dollar that you spend with us.

Give us a call to get expert help deciding what pieces best serve your immediate and longer term needs, right down to choosing what shipping method will get your order in place in time for your big day (or days) at the lowest cost. The nicest, most knowledgeable customer service folks in the industry are waiting on the other end of the line when you call 1-928-855-6075. Let us help you achieve your vision for that next stunning event, and level up your business and your design juju in the process.
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