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Starburst Silver Hanging Ornament Decoration 19" - Collapsible!

Item #: 156003
Item Specifics
19 inches
easy assembly
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Item Description
Add some starshine to your next celebration with our new Hanging Starburst Silver Ornament decoration that has such an adaptable, universal appearance you'll want to display it year-round! This lightweight decoration is so easy to assemble and it's a dream to store and transport from event to event. This 3-dimensional metallic star has 14 points and the sharp, clean lines are appealing while creating a dazzling display. This silvery starburst is 19" in diameter and weighs only 4 ounces.

It stores in a nice flat package and the assembly is so easy. Unwind the monofilament line from one half of the hub then snap the 2 hub halves together and attach the points to the hub. The line is 27" long but can be shortened if need be or you could replace it with shiny colored thread or ribbon. The points on the star look sharp but actually have some give to them. The tips are bendable so they won't break off if dropped and they'll retain their pointed shape but if you set them on a shelf or table, the tips will slightly bend. These shiny stars look spectacular with white or colored lights and you could even paint them if you wanted. We have this silver star in a larger size as well as in gold.

Starburst a ceiling or tree, hang from rails and banisters or set on tables and pot shelves. Our quality Starburst decorations are sturdy, attractive, lightweight, easy to use and they store flat. From floor to ceiling, they'll be your go-to decoration!
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Starburst Silver Hanging Ornament Decoration 19" - Collapsible!
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