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BARGAIN! SLIGHT DEFECT - String Curtain White 3 Ft x 12 Ft - Fire Treated - Polyester & Cotton "Nassau" Velcro Top & Rod Pocket!

Item #: 730033
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Item Specifics
36 inches
12.3 feet
hanging||fire rated||velcro top
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Item Description
Please note: This item has a slight defect on the top. The color of the double sided tape bled through the white fabric on the top. The front of the fabric is not sticky or otherwise defective, just discolored. Please see the photo that we added to show you. We don't think it would matter if you had the curtain hanging high in the air, as in a circular column. So they're a bargain waiting to be had!

You've dreamed and planned about how your event, wedding or reception Decor will look - elegant and sophisticated, posh from ceiling to floor. Then...reality. Your venue requires fire treated materials or you need to hang a curtain but don't have access to a pipe and drape setup or a curtain rod. No sweat! Our new Sticky Back, Velcro Top, Fire Rated String Curtains in brilliant White can actually be hung in 2 different ways! Talk about venue-ready Decor! Attach by using the sticky backed Velcro OR use a traditional rod!

Having Decor with options is a necessity for wedding planners, event coordinators, decorators and do-it-yourselfers and we all know how easy it is to work with Velcro - easy on, easy off and the additional feature of being fire treated make these curtains a must have decorating option! This stylish curtain weighs 1.4 lbs. and is 36" wide with 420 silky soft strands that are 144" long. The cotton curtain header is 3 3/8" deep - the sticky back Velcro is 1 3/4" and below that is a small, traditional rod pocket which is 1 1/2". The total length of this curtain is 12.3 feet long and you can cut the strands without having to worry about fraying! There are approximately 11 strings per inch and this curtain is not only marvelous for windows, doorways and background Decor but it also makes a glamorous room divider or a stage and photo backdrop. Attach to a 4 poster bed for instant elegance or easily create an indoor gazebo.

The curtain top is sewn to a wide strip of Velcro (fuzzy side) and the hook side of the Velcro comes with a super sticky back for easy attachment. This sticky back gives you freedom to hang a curtain flat against surfaces where you have no rod and they are absolutely perfect as room dividers for curved walls. The Velcro option allows you to put the curtain up and take it down as needed and if you prefer to hang with a rod, you can save the sticky back Velcro option for another application! In-house, we custom make Hanging String Columns and they look absolutely incredible! See how these curtains can Transform a Large Venue or become a unique focal point as Overhead Decor. Dress up store window displays, use to decorate trade show booths and these are wonderful at hiding or altering the appearance of a wall, column, closet, pantry or treasure room! Perfect for home, events, weddings, restaurants, hotels and even for outdoor festivities.

Time is money, stress is bad and you've got enough to think about. Beautify and simplify with our decorative Sticky Back, Velcro Top, Fire Rated String Curtains!
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BARGAIN! SLIGHT DEFECT - String Curtain White 3 Ft x 12 Ft - Fire Treated - Polyester & Cotton "Nassau" Velcro Top & Rod Pocket!
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