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Centerpiece Fabulousness for Your Summer Wedding

Centerpiece Fabulousness for Your Summer Wedding

We have seen so many inspired centerpieces lately that we had to share some of the best ones just for those of you who are putting the finishing touches on a spring wedding, or looking ahead to summer nuptials (or even beyond). We found stunning centerpieces at a variety of price points, and several of the best ones illustrate how a professional event designer can really save you money by giving you access to reusable pieces in his or her event arsenal.

A bling intensive silver branch strung with hanging votives and crystal strands is one of our favorite centerpieces, and the Diamond Bling Wrap totally pulls us in. (Need something that will stand without a vase? Get a similar look with a manzanita tree that comes in its own base.)

Did you notice that there are no live blooms in this arrangement? Neither did we. This centerpiece brings the impact and the bling, and it is dramatic enough to be repeatable across every table or on just a few key tables. The sheer number of reflective surfaces multiplies its effect and lights up your reception in any season.

If it's drama that you seek, an ostrich feather creation is hard to beat. The generous helpings of ostrich feather spads and crystal bead strands offer plenty of wow! factor with a minimal floral bill. We love the height and the elegant monochromatic color palette, too.

If you must have blooms and bling, a sumptuous arrangement of hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and orchids look completely at home atop a chandelier. Need a tutorial in how to make a chandelier do double duty as a centerpiece? Don't mind if we do ~ check out the video in this Chandelier Centerpiece Kit that will show you exactly what you need to get this look.

If you love simplicity and sparkle, domed fairy strings are perfect for your nighttime event. The glass domes' staggered heights add visual appeal, and the fairy lights add a warm glow to your entire reception. The antlers are optional, but such a chic addition.

In the last photo, no one would see this centerpiece and think "on a budget," but it really does bring the value at a reasonable price tag. Scattered Diamond Confetti, mercury glass votives, and mirrors make the most of the white and silver color scheme, throwing candlelight in every direction and amplifying the florals' effect.

For height, presence, and budget-friendliness, a centerpiece of tall branches and strands of suspended garland is tough to match. The sustainability factor is high when you use our garlands ~ and they come in designs from butterflies to shell, with lots of options in between.

We would love to help you find just the right pieces for your next wedding or event. We can help you decide how to mix high impact statement pieces with smaller arrangements to get the best value, how to make centerpieces the star of the reception (after the bride, of course), and just how many of each piece you need to get the maximum impact.

Call the friendliest customer service folks in the industry at 1-928-855-6075, or shoot us an email at, and let us help you get started with the highest quality products in the event design industry.
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