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Sweet 16 Party Photos - What to Use & How

Sweet 16 Party Photos - How to Decorate &  What to Use!
Sweet 16 Party Photos - How to Decorate &  What to Use!
Sweet 16 Party Photos - How to Decorate &  What to Use!
Sweet 16 Party Photos - How to Decorate &  What to Use!
Decorating a party is a lot of work! We are here to make sure that you can do it without headache or hassle. We can hardly tie our shoes around here, and the photos that you will see in this section are of a party that we Decorated ourselves using mostly things from! Really the only "mood setter" that did not come from us was the lighting provided by the DJ.

In this section we are going to explain exactly what we did to put this party together, and how we used excess materials in fun and creative ways!

The house that we Decorated was just your regular old suburban type home that we turned into teenage heaven with NO DAMAGE to the home whatsoever.

We will show you installation photos, daytime photos, and photos of the actual party.

The materials that we used were:

- Silver Bubbles Beaded Curtains 12 Foot Length

- Silver Bubbles Beaded Curtains 6 Foot Length

- Hoops Pink N' Black PVC Curtains

- Holographic Huge Raindrops PVC Beaded Curtains

- Crystal Beaded Garland Strands in Crystal

- Garland, Beaded Clear Crystals 6 Feet Long

- Mirror Beaded Curtains


- Chandelier 4 Feet Long Silver bubbles

- Diamond Confetti - 2000pcs (1 Carat)Clear

- LED Light Saucers

- 4' Black Bendable Trees in Pots

- Acrylic Pendants: 2 Styles: "Carrie" and "Samantha"

- Chandelier "Tiffany" 72" long

- Scrunchabubbles in Silver and Pink

Dancing Room Decoration: If you are going to have a DJ, it's a good idea to have a room dedicated to dancing. In our house, we were able to remove all of the furniture from this room except for a large television that we simply covered with a tablecloth.

For this room, we lined the walls ALL THE WAY AROUND with Silver Bubbles Beaded Curtains. This particular room had 9 foot ceilings. So, we used the 12 foot Silver Bubbles Beaded Curtains for all of the areas except for above the fireplace (more about the area later)....

We used OOK ("OOK" is a brand name, and they really worked well for us) picture hangers (found at any hardware store) to suspend the beaded curtains against the walls, as close to the top that we could get them. These picture hangers are very convenient for hanging beaded curtains because of the hook just below the nail. After hanging the beaded curtains all the way around the room, we trimmed the excess beads off of the bottom. Yes, this does seem wasteful, but we used the extra bubbles in fun ways throughout the rest of the party! Read on!

In the dance room, we also used the large portion of the Anastasia Chandelier Sets. We simply hung them from the A/C Returns in the room! We did not use the light kits that came with the chandeliers, we just wanted the bling. They looked FABULOUS. The lights absolutely danced off of the silver and shone beautifully through the crystal finishing beads on the bottom of each strand.

The disco room also had a fireplace with a mantle. For the walls above the fireplace we mounted 6' Silver Bubbles beaded curtains. We let the excess puddle on the mantle. We placed 3 Black 4' Bendable Trees in Pots on the mantle and spread the extra bubbles around the bases. It looked very hip and modern.

In the entry, we used a variety of Decorative elements: Beaded Curtains galore and also our "Tiffany" Diamante Duo Crystal Beaded Chandelier.

The "Tiffany" Chandelier is ENORMOUS! It's 72" long and 24" in diameter. We wanted to have the "Bling" of this chandelier. But we had another problem. An existing chandelier. With antlers. No kidding. Instead of removing the existing chandelier, we rigged our "Tiffany" Chandelier to the bottom of the antler chandler using wire ties! Then instead of using the existing light kit that comes with the chandelier (because we didn't have access to an electrical outlet so high in the ceiling) we used our LED Light Saucers to provide very cool white light. We rigged 3 LED Saucers to the top of the "Tiffany" Chandelier, again using wire ties.

The entry of this home (as evidenced by the antler chandelier) has a rustic look. The stairway is made of posts like you'd see in a lodge. It looks fabulous on it's own, but was NOT the look we were going for. Since we had the huge chandelier hung, we had a good start to turning the entry into a Sweet 16 Bling Entryway. But what to do with those stairs? Silver Bubbles Beaded Curtains in 6' length was just what we needed! We simply WIRE TIED the beaded curtains to the stairway and created a sparkly, reflective look that really set the mood when you walked in.

On the wall immediately ahead when you walked in we also hung our Holographic Huge Raindrops PVC Beaded Curtains. Since the ceilings are 9' tall, and the curtains are only 6' tall, we came up with an amazing and very easy solution to create longer curtains. These curtains (like all of our PVC styles) have each "bead" attached to the next using simple wire jump rings. So to make the curtains go all the way from the ceiling to the floor, we used EXTRA curtains and split the strands in half. Then we attached those extra strands to the original curtains that we had already hung on the walls to make them 9' curtains going from ceiling to floor. It took all of 15 minutes to do this to 4 curtains! It was so easy!

In the backyard is where we really put the extra silver bubbles to use. These are the silver bubbles that we cut off of the 12' curtains. We don't have a photo of them, but we covered most of the outdoor tables in pink paper. We then placed piles of Silver Bubbles strands in the center and positioned clear plastic bowls full of Skittles, Runts and Suckers in the Silver Bubbles. This was a big hit with the party goers, and also helped to keep the tablecoverings from blowing away in the wind.

The photo below shows how we used 3 of our 4' long chandeliers and 3 of our LED Light Saucers. We simply wire tied them to an outdoor patio umbrella and stuck the LED Saucers on top. Took about 5 minutes to create the cool look below!

In the dining room there was another challenge: We needed the room for dancing since it adjoined the disco room we had created. But we had a chandelier hanging down low, and it DID NOT match our look. Never fear! We used Wire Ties (we need some kind of sponsorship from whoever invented those things!) to rig the chandelier up higher. We then added just 2 Clear Crystal Garlands to the chandelier arms by winding them around. We then took 1/2 of one Mirror Beaded Curtain that we had left over from another project (you can use our Strands of Mirrors that we sell in sets of 3 and 5 for this same thing!)....and we hung short strands of mirrors from the crystal beaded garland. We made our own BLING chandelier using what already existed in the room and a little bit of imagination!

The walls in this room also needed a little something. So we chose Pink and Black Hoops Beaded Curtains. We hung them one right next to each other to make what looked like one huge beaded curtain. We then used extra curtains to add length, as the beads on this curtain are attached to one another with jump rings. So since we hung 6 curtains next to each other, and each wall was 9' tall,