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Portable Balloon Arch - Tabletop Backdrop 8'W x 5'H


  • Item #: 144783
  • Weight: 2.00 LBS
  • Features: indoor/outdoor, backdrop
  • Height: 5 feet
  • Width: 8 feet
  • Color Family: white
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Tabletop Balloon Arch, Portable Arched Balloon Garland, Fits 6' – 8' Long Rectangular, Square or Circular Tables, Minimal Storage & Easy Up Design (Balloons Not Included)

Balloons will never go out of style; they're colorful, fill a lot of space, have a high visual impact, brighten up and energize the room, they're easy to work with and simply put, they're a major fun factor! So when planning your next party, factor in a Tabletop Balloon Arch for a cheery, colorful and easy way to jazz up your venue or create focal points!

Balloons are not included but you will receive:

  • 2 Adjustable C-clamp mounts that fit a table up to 2" thick. To protect the table, the underside of the top clamp (the part that sits on top of the table) has a cushioned pad.
  • 6 Heavy duty, foldable fiberglass poles, each 29" long, with metal housings and a stretchy shock cord.
  • 2 Metal tubes, each 4" long, to securely connect the poles to the C-clamps.

This arch can easily span an 8' long table, giving an arch height of 5' from the top of a 29" tall table.  For a 6' long table, the arch height is 5.5' from the top of a 29" tall table.  Regardless if the table is round, square or rectangular, the ideal width for this arch is 6' to 8'. Secure both clamps to either side of the table, screw in metal tubes, insert poles into each other and place each end into a metal tube.  This can be done by 1 person but 2 does make it easier.  

This portable arch is lightweight, takes minimal storage space, sets up in under 5 minutes and is the avenue to bringing smiles and enjoyment at countless celebrations!  For Holidays, Bridal & Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations, Graduations, Themed Parties and Events, this "party in a box" arch adds color, height and fills a lot of space.  If working with round tables, you could buy 2 and criss-cross them, and for rectangular tables, arrange multiple arches in rows (one in front of the other) to increase the density of your display.  

Attaching balloons to the arch:  Blow up a balloon and tie it off; repeat this 3 more times.  Take 2 of the balloons and tie their tails together; repeat this with the other 2.  Place 1 set crosswise over the other set. Take a balloon from the bottom set and cross it over the tails of the top set, essentially connecting the 4 together.  To attach to the arch, slide the 4-some onto the pole and cross one balloon over another. Have fun!

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