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Real Crystal 5 Cup Candelabra "Winterhaven" - Over 3 Feet Tall - Taper or Pillar Candles!

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19 inches
37 inches
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Item Description
37" Tall by 19" Wide 5 Arm Crystal Candelabra "Winterhaven", Majestic Wedding and Event Centerpiece With Large Candle Cups and Removable Globes

So stunning and exquisite, our "Winterhaven" Crystal Candelabra is truly a sight to behold! At 37" tall and 19" wide, this candelabra features 5 arms with glass cylinder globes that are 3" tall by 3" wide. The globes are removable and without them, Winterhaven is 34" tall. The candle cups are a generous 3" in diameter, able to display huge pillar candles but they also equipped to handle a 3/4" wide taper candle. The stem, arms and cups are all faceted for maximum light reflection and maximum style! There are 4 crystal beaded strands, each 14" long that connect arm to arm plus 8, 3" long pendants to hang either from the bottom of the cups OR from the top cup and bottom of each arm.

This candelabra is encased in 2 pieces of Styrofoam and both the top and bottom pieces contain parts. Before opening, lay it flat, cut the tape and slowly and carefully remove the top piece of foam. The glass cylinder globes are in half of the foam with the remaining pieces in the other half. Just please take it nice and slow when opening.

The elegant stem is crystal clear and crisp; very sophisticated and upscale with gorgeous prism faceted details. With or without the shades, you have a choice of what type of candle you prefer; tall taper candlesticks or Large Pillar Candles. The generously sized cups can also be used to hold Pomander Kissing Balls to add a floral aspect and introduce some color. A flower ball around 10" looks great on the top cup while 6-7" balls look great on the lower cups. You can also replace the crystal strands provided with other dazzling pendants or suitable crystal ornaments.

Winterhaven needs no other embellishments, but you could place it on a centerpiece mirror to create a ritzy focal piece, pair with our 12" Tall Barrie Candelabra. Please view the video which shows another of our Crystal Candelabra pieces and you'll see why we're so proud of our line of extraordinary gorgeous candelabras!
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Real Crystal 5 Cup Candelabra "Winterhaven" - Over 3 Feet Tall - Taper or Pillar Candles!
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