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Crown Centerpiece Riser & Cake Topper - Silver - 2' Tall

Item #: 143109
Item Specifics
6 inches
2 feet
multi-functional||height adjustable
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Item Description
2Ft Tall Silver Crown Centerpiece Riser & Cake Topper | Height Adjustable Mirror Topped Stand with Removable Crown

You can use 1 or two poles to change the height and you can use the crown on top or on another display altogether! The SILVER photo shows this item with the height of 2 poles together. The GOLD photo shows this item (in Gold) set up at the shorter height. You can do both with this item!

Essential factors in choosing wedding and event decorations are that they're affordable, classy and unique. In addition, when you find décor that's also multi-functional, you've hit the jackpot and our Height Adjustable Silver Crown Centerpiece Riser & Cake Topper is that winning combination! The crown is 9 1/2" tall by 6" wide and it sits on the mirrored top of a 15" tall shiny silver riser and the entire centerpiece is 2' tall. Remove the 4" long threaded pole to create a 20" tall centerpiece. The circular mirror is 3 7/8" in diameter and is slightly recessed. The crown only weighs 9 oz. and can be used as a cake topper while the riser can be used to display other decorations!

If you display the 2 pieces together, you can add Color Changing Flameless Candles under the crown. With the mirror on top of the riser, candles or LED lights are intensified. To add a colorful floral touch, try a 6" Silk Hydrangea Kissing Ball which can be gently inserted into the cavity of the crown or add some tulle to match your event colors.

Display the 2 pieces separately by using the crown as a cake topper or set on centerpiece mirrors, with or without candles. Then, use the riser to hold Dripless Candles up to 3" in diameter. Another function is to use the riser to create a tabletop chandelier. Place a tiered chandelier like our Acrylic Beaded Quinn on top and now you've got a completely different look!

Quality, versatility, impressive and affordable. Key elements all found in this royal centerpiece riser!
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