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Get The Look: A Signature Tamara Wendt Events Des

Get The Look:  A Signature Tamara Wendt Events Design that Maximizes Style AND Budget
Get The Look:  A Signature Tamara Wendt Events Design that Maximizes Style AND Budget
Invest in Sustainable, Reusable Decor Pieces to Maximize Any Event Budget

Every once in a while, an event image jumps off our screen and demands more attention than a passing oooh or aaah and a scroll. Tamara Wendt Events is often the creator of those designs, and this gorgeous look is one that we want to delve into to illustrate how an eye-popping event concept maximizes value without skimping on effect. There's so much to love and so much to learn in this image, so let's get started.

First, Tamara makes the absolute most of a bride's budget by using sustainable core items to get a luxury look without wasting a penny. Other than the florals and the Floating Candles, every piece in this (stunning) image is a high quality reusable product with timeless style. Add creative vision, and you've got years' worth of durability and an infinite number of looks available from core pieces like chandeliers, candelabras, Wine Glass Candle Holders and crystal bead strands. They aren't going anywhere, and they are so flexible and well-constructed that you can literally use them weekend after weekend for years.

Neutral Fabric Swags and professional event lighting take the effect of Tamara's design to another level, totally transforming the venue into a tented wonderland. Add a few consumables like fuchsia roses and floating candles, and you have a look that exudes custom elegance while packing the maximum amount of value into your event. (We looooove the use of single roses in place of candles on some of the candelabra arms. Pure genius and perfectly gorgeous.)

Whether you're just getting started in the industry or are looking for a business refresh in the form of new staple pieces that will do overtime duty at our events, our high quality chandeliers, candelabras, candle holders, and beaded everything will become your go to building blocks for setups that sell. Your clients will appreciate your focus on delivering the most for their design dollars, and their guests will appreciate the attention to detail that make your events stand out from the crowd.

ShopWildThings is a family company focused on serving event design professionals by sourcing the best quality products and making them accessible at competitive prices ~ with outstanding customer service. We literally scour the globe to bring you products that hit the sweet spot of high quality, design staying power, and on trend fabulousness. That's our goal for every event decor piece that we sell.

If you want to bring your clients the trifecta of visual effect, sustainability and value, give the nicest customer service folks in the industry a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us show you why the top names in your area and across the nation choose ShopWildThings, whether they need custom ordered pieces, some new on trend items or a total warehouse refresh.