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TOO LONG? How to shorten your beaded curtain - WITH VIDEO TUTORIAL

How To Shorten Beaded Curtains:

1) Acrylic Curtains - Just cut with Scissors! The beads will not fall off.

2) Bamboo Curtains - Each Bamboo Piece has wire inside. It's a long process but you can do it! You'll need wire cutters and to wrap the wire around the bottom bead.

3) Wood Curtains - Each Wood Bead has String inside. You will need to cut each strand and tie off the last bead so that the last bead you need will be in place.

4) Beaded Curtains with Jump Rings - Just remove the length that you don't need by removing jump rings!

You can see in the video that the beads on our acrylic curtains are actually pressed onto the string. In other words, the string is INSIDE of each bead permanantly. What's great about this is that if you want to cut some length off, you can without having the rest of the beads sliding off of the curtain.

Simply figure out exactly how much you want to cut off of the curtain. Mark the string with a marker that you can see. Hang the curtain back up, and cut the extra beads off with scissors.

This is all you need to do! You don't have to re-tie anything!

Now save those extra beads to hot-glue onto a lamp shade or a picture frame!

Below is a link to all of our acrylic beaded curtains. Or, you can use the Quick Links above and click on Beaded Curtains Sorted By Style!

Acrylic Beaded Curtains, Click Here!


Most of our Wood Door Beads, Beaded Curtains are drilled-out wooden beads with heavy string running the length of them. (The acrylic beads are pressed right onto the no matter where you cut them the beads still attached will stay in place) So, if you cut the length of a wood beaded curtain, you have to TIE OFF the end of it so that the beads won't fall off.

The Painted Bamboo Beaded Curtains are made out of thin tubles of bamboo with holes in them. They are strung together with wire. To remove length, you will have to remove each beads' wire from the inside. This CAN be done without much of a problem. However, with the bamboo, the individual pieces of bamboo are different lengths. The bottom edge of a FINISHED curtain is straight. When you start removing beads from the bottom, you will end up with a slight jagged edge along that bottom edge.
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