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Wooden Bead Curtain - "Ocean 2" Turquoise & Green - 35" x 6 1/2' - 60 Strands (Extra Coverage)

Item #: 998031
Item Specifics
35 inches
6 1/2 feet
Item Description
Tropical Blue & Green Wooden Beaded Curtain 60 Strand 6.5’ Long Backdrop, Room Divider, Door & Window Treatment

Enjoy the tranquil serenity of tropical colored waters everyday with our Wooden Bead Curtain “Ocean 2”! This fresh and summery curtain is 35” wide by 6.5’ long and is loaded with gorgeous turquoise and refreshing green beads on 60 strands. The beads are 3/8” wide by 1/4" long and the blue and green are a fabulous complement to each other. What a fantastic alternative for traditional doors and window treatments while adding rich, tropical colors and textures. This decorative backdrop has a black, wood header rail with 2 metal eyelets attached for quick hanging right out of the box. This curtain weighs 4 lbs.

Absolutely breathtaking, the turquoise tone blends perfectly with the energizing green border and this exceptionally constructed bamboo wood curtain makes a great door substitute or divider and is very easy to walk through. The strands will not tangle or you can tie back one or both sides to frame a doorway. This beaded panel will totally transform the look and feel of an entire room and the awesome colors will instantly take you on a tropical vacation. Use as room dividers, door curtains or entrances at restaurants and clubs, backdrops, window coverings, wall accent decor, coverings for closets, pantries, storage areas and laundry rooms. The beads are natural wood, meaning there may be slight variances in bead size so the bottom may be a bit uneven.

For a larger doorway or wall, hang 2 or more side by side. Please see the instructional video below to see how to hang curtains next to each other. If you've got questions, consult our expert in-house staff. We've been selling the highest-quality beaded curtains available to movie production companies, theater stage designers, top party planners and individual customers since 1989. Along the way, we have become the world's leading and most trusted online seller of curtains, canopies, chandeliers, backdrops and event lighting.
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Wooden Bead Curtain - "Ocean 2" Turquoise & Green - 35" x 6 1/2' - 60 Strands Extra Coverage
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