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Fairy Lights Transition from Holidays to Everyday

Fairy Lights Transition from Holidays to Everyday

We don't always talk about the ways that technology has made Decor more fabulous, but with Christmas always seemingly just days away and lots of parties to attend, we have to highlight one of our favorite products that is constantly evolving: LED lighting. In particular, Fairy String Lights have become one of the safest, prettiest types of lights that you can use to Decorate year round. And not only do they stay cooler than traditional bulbs, but the array of available colors is constantly improving as well.

This simple Christmas display is a perfect use of string lights. This tree is inexpensive and a total space saver ~ great for an accent, an area to display Christmas cards, or a micro apartment friendly Christmas tree that saves space without skimping on style.

To get a striking room divider like this one, strip a folding screen down to the frame, add branches and fairy lights, and use the lighted screen as an accent or focal point in any room.

This light curtain accent wall is a perfect backdrop for a console table. Really, this look would work almost anywhere that you need a high impact, space saving focal point.

Fairy lights are a natural fit to make bedrooms chic on a budget. We love this idea for a dorm or teen bedroom. Use tiny clothespins to switch out the photographs and keep the display current. Instant access wall and conversation piece, on a budget.

For a touch of romance, LED light curtains are tough to beat. Add mosquito netting or a canopy for a sexy boudoir. This look is hot enough for Valentine's Day and stylish enough for everyday.

If you want a striking light display that is totally flexible (right down to plug in and battery operated options) and will never get hot, LEDs are your all purpose solution. We stock great quality products that are ready to ship to make your next event a jaw dropper, or to turn your home into a showplace. Give our friendly customer service representatives a call at 928 855-6075 if you need help choosing the right shipping options to get your products delivered on time, or if you want a little help selecting just the right products for your needs.
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