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Centerpiece KIT Diamante Duo Silver 30" Tall

Item #: 999146
Item Specifics
30 inches
6 1/2 inches
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Item Description
Silver Centerpiece Kit Vase Topper 2 Tier Diamante Duo Bright Silver 28" Long With 6.5" Flat Round Top and 30" Lomey Oasis Floral Stand and Dish

To make the Beaded Centerpiece Topper stand up, you'll get our 30" Lomey Tube which is made of very thick high quality acrylic, made by Oasis Floral, a name you can trust. The Universal Piece fits perfectly into the tube on the bottom. Then place the tube and the Universal Piece in the provided 6" Lomey Dish. You can use Glue to affix it. We recommend using Oasis Glue, which we sell as well. You can use any glue that works with Acrylic. Use the display as-is, or add decor like florals or decorative stones to add more weight to the dish at the bottom. The centerpiece will stand without adding more weight, but you might feel more comfortable about the centerpiece withstanding being knocked a little bit without falling if you weight it more.

You can also use the topper on its own without the stand that we provide and instead, give your vases a face lift with our Silver Vase Topper that has 2 tiers of diamante duo beads and a top plate to hold additional goodies! The topper is 28" long and features large faceted beads measuring 1/2" and 3/4" wide. Each strand is finished off with a large pendant. The round top plate is 6 1/2" in diameter and is finished in matte silver. The beads are molded to the thin silver strands giving a clean, refined look and this also means you can shorten the strands without damaging the topper.

The top plate can be used to hold candles, Pomander Kissing Balls, Topiary Balls or Large Flower Heads. The inner tier is 4" in diameter so do not use a vase with a 4" opening. Either use an Eiffel Tower Vase which allows both tiers to hang freely or use a vase with an opening of 4 1/2" to 6" like a trumpet vase, which pushes the inner tier up against the top plate. Using a vase shorter than 28" allows the bead strands to pool on the table which is a pretty awesome effect and if using a clear vase, you can optionally insert a battery operated fairy light string. On both tiers, there is a small hole between every strand so you can add more strands by attaching with tiny jump rings.
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Centerpiece KIT Diamante Duo Silver 30" Tall
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