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Wedding Reception Chandelier Ideas

Wedding Reception Chandelier Ideas

Dramatic Chandeliers Provide Cost Effective Visual Luxury!

Floral chandeliers are a major trend in luxury weddings, and we are seeing them at top shelf events around the world. This elegant ceremony space is dressed to the nines in suspended florals, greenery, and an extra large crystal chandelier. Vows exchanged in this setting are absolutely the highlight of the wedding, and the space is a perfect example of spending lavishly in one high impact area, to maximum effect. For professional event designers, this decadent chandelier is a valuable reusable piece that will be useful in many applications for years to come. For the bride, it is a key building block of her perfect wedding vision. Flowers fade, but bling is forever.

This pastel floral chandelier rings the real crystal chandelier in a reception tent that is to die for. Glass candle holders add interest and varied heights for an even more elegant effect.

Again, it"s chandeliers for the win on reusability, sustainability, flexibility, and value. Chandeliers are key utility players that add drama, light, and sparkle week in and week out, whether you are accenting a ceremony space, illuminating the dance floor, or otherwise adding a focal point to an upscale space.

Chandeliers Grouped Together Maximize Flexibility and Effect

Collections of smaller chandeliers are another event trend with staying power. By repeating chandeliers, you can vary the size, shape, and configuration of your lighting installations from event to event using the same key pieces.

We love this dance floor installation, where a series of smaller chandeliers hung together form a dramatic focal point over the dance floor. Best of all from an event designer"s standpoint, an arsenal of chandeliers can be deployed in entirely different patterns for unique looks at so many events.

And as an example of using the same chandeliers in totally different ways, a similar row of chandeliers to those used above completes a long overhead floral installation at this elegant outdoor reception. Similar chandeliers (and you could use the same ones exactly) | entirely different applications and effects. Both elegant, memorable, and entirely customized to the venue and the couple.

Edison Lights Offer a Modern Twist on Event Chandeliers

No post about on trend lighting would be complete without mentioning Edison lights. Another on point piece with staying power, Edison lights offer visual appeal and warm, romantic light that work in so many different venues. By including a dense overhead installation of reusable antique filament lights, you"ve reduced the centerpiece bill substantially, as moderate florals fill out the look completely. And from a romance perspective, what could be more lovely than the warm glow cast by this collection of Edison lights at sunset?

We pride ourselves on scouring the globe for the best products at the best prices, and we look forward to working with you to add key pieces to your event design warehouse. Giving your clients access to a stable of high quality, on trend Decor pieces proves the value of a professional event designer far more effectively than almost anything else that you can show at the initial consultation, and the value is obvious to brides and seasoned event planners alike.

Our customer service folks are the nicest in the industry, and they are super knowledgeable, too. We would love to help you purchase the best products for week in, week out use for your own Decor stock, in plenty of time for your next luxury event. Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you build your supply of reusable staple Decor pieces. It"s an investment that will make your business stand out to potential clients, and your bottom line stand up to the test of time in a tough industry. That"s what we"re here for.
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