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Interview 1: Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs

Interview:  Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs
Interview:  Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs
Interview:  Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs
Interview:  Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs
If you love pretty pictures and you're not on Instagram, get there asap, and follow Intrigue Designs. Sarah Campbell is Intrigue Designs' founder and lead designer, and the images that she posts just leap out at us ~ she has a way with florals and Decor that we adore.

We've already showed you just a few of the images that made us fall in love with her, and now we're thrilled to bring you an interview with one of the East Coast's premier event designers (not to mention a loyal ShopWildThings customer).

We love to hear about hot design trends from the people who are setting them, and Sarah's work is always fresh and beautiful. Here's what she has to say about what is hot right now:

"This year we are seeing lots of garden designs ~ weddings with lush garden greens, English Garden Roses, and classic furniture styles. This garden look has been especially popular at suburban and country venues."

For those who are combining indoor and outdoor areas or who want to bring the natural world into their receptions, we have to share one of our favorite looks from Intrigue Designs' portfolio ~ floral columns:

Sarah says that she is "itching to design an event with custom floral walls covering all four walls of the ballroom. I want to bring a room to life by covering the walls in layers of fresh blooms, creating a new environment in the space. There is something truly incredible about being surrounded by flowers."

For brides who are stretching a more modest budget, Sarah has this advice: "Less is more. When working on a budget, start by eliminating the items in your wedding that may not be top priorities. The more items you can eliminate, the more you will be able to invest in your decor if that is your priority. In the event that you want a wedding that looks like it belongs in the pages of your favorite bridal magazine, but don't have the budget to bring the dream to life, I always suggest trusting your designer. Your designer can guide you in a direction that will maximize your floral and decor investment."

On the other hand, Sarah does have a chance to work with brides who have sky-is-the-limit budgets as well. In those situations, Sarah can really unleash her artistic side "without feeling restricted or confined by a number. The one area I like to splurge on when this is the case is suspended florals. I love to dazzle the room with floral chandeliers, Suspended Candles and creative elements that we can use to add drama and style to the ceiling."

We kind of think that the images in this post answer our next question, but we asked it anyway: What are the top reasons to work with an event design specialist? Sarah gave us a little peek inside the profession and how hiring an expert benefits the bride.

"Event designers have a unique ability to look at the space as a whole. We will assess everything from floral design and table linens to guest comfort and flow. When paired correctly, all of these details can be incredible, and it is our job to know and understand how each of these elements works together."

We learned so much from Sarah that it's really too much for one post, so we'll have to ask you to "stay tuned" for more of Sarah's expert advice in our next post. In it, we'll let you know a little about Intrigue Designs' signature style and creative vision, Sarah's wish list for a design product that "should" exist, advice for aspiring event designers, and of course her favorite ShopWildThings product.

In the mean time, we hope that you've been inspired to try something new, to unleash your own creativity, and to follow Intrigue Designs on Instagram, where Sarah posts her latest events.