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White Ostrich Feathers 13" - 15" - SPADS

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7 inches
14 inches
14 inches
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Item Description
Our Feathers can be used for projects ranging from crafts to home decorating to throwing a party and everywhere in between! It's easy to design a centerpiece display using the large variety of colors that we offer.

There is a minimum order of 2 feathers.

Simply place them on a table or in vases, combine with floral Decor, bouquets and wreaths, cards, invitations and gifts, decorate hats and costumes. Feathers are just fun and our colorful ostrich feathers dyed in exciting and vibrant colors are ready to display! These are real feathers (not man-made), so not every feather is identical in shape - they will vary from 13" - 15" in length and the width or spread of the feathers tend to run about 6" - 7". They are sold as each so you will get 1 feather.

Please note: WHITE Feathers are never pure pure white because they are thinner (than plumes or spas) and some take bleach better than others. They will look white or slightly off-white. In addition, some quills take the bleach better than others. So you might get a totally bleached pure white quill and a more natural, tanish off-white quill in the same batch. This is just the way that Ostrich Feathers work.

Because of frequent damage in return shipping, we regret that this item is not returnable
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White Ostrich Feathers 13" - 15" - SPADS
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