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Wooden Bead Curtain "Oakland Natural" 35" x 78" – 40 Strands & Metal Connectors

Item #: 124059
Item Specifics
35 inches
6 1/2 feet
40 strands
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Item Description
Wood Beaded Curtain "Oakland Natural" 35" Wide by 6.5' Long, 40 Strands Natural Oak Color Header & Beads, High Quality Curtain For Doors and Windows, As Wall Accent Piece or Closet Door Replacement

Our "Oakland Natural" Wood Beaded Curtain is a stylish tribute to those of us who love the beauty of natural oak colored dιcor! This classy curtain is 35" wide by 78" long (6.5') and weighs 11.4 lbs. There are 40 strands of wood beads strung with sturdy metal loop fasteners. Each bead is a hefty 2 1/4" long by 1/2" wide and since the size of the top bead alternates on every other strand, the pattern it creates is visually interesting! The headrail matches this curtain perfectly.

For doorways or as a decorative wall hanging, to dress up windows or to use as closet door replacements, the neutral color of "Oakland Natural" blends so well with other colors and this curtain truly goes with any style from traditional, country, rustic and natural to beachy, chic and bohemian! And, if this curtain isn't the length you need for your application, you can shorten by clipping off the metal fasteners or lengthen by purchasing additional curtains and attaching the strands.

This is an easy curtain to walk through, as in the strands won't tangle as you pass through, or you can tie groups of strands together to form columns or tie them off to the sides. Please note that "Oakland Natural" weighs approx. twice as much as many of our other wood beaded curtains so choose the hanging hardware you feel appropriate for your particular installation.

Please take a moment to view the video that shows the wonderful features of our wood beaded curtains and how to hang multiple curtains next to each other.
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Wooden Bead Curtain "Oakland Natural" 35" x 78" – 40 Strands & Metal Connectors
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