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Please see the notes in the description about the color of this 6" x 6" vase! Minimum 2 Pcs.

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Item Specifics
6 inches
6 inches
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Item Description
Just like ballerinas, the color of our new Ballerina Pink Acrylic Vase may look dainty and delicate but itís pretty sturdy and durable!

This vase was created to be white. However, in some lights, they look to have a "pinkish" hue. So...while you can get away with using them for a white vase, you may on occasion see a pinkish tone. The photographs that we provide are of the SAME ITEM in different lighting. In daylight, in our offices, they look WHITE WHITE. In the same office under fluorescent lighting, the vases take on a pinkish hue. If you place our LED lighting inside, they take on that color! We placed some BLUE led lights inside, and the outside looked WHITE WHITE but the inside glowed blue. We love these!!

There is a minimum order of 2 vases.

This container and vase is ready for any event, celebration or task you can throw at it. Much lighter than glass, this vase is a 6Ē cube that can be used in so many settings and itís not just for floral decor. Itís very easy to create centerpieces by using acrylic confetti container fill, beads or water pearls then add feathers, onion grass sprays, floral sprays or set LED flameless candles on top of your fill. You can also flip the cube over to create a riser or arrange multiple cubes to create a geometric design or stack them to create a tall riser.

The sides of the vase flare slightly from 1/8Ē thick at the corners to 3/16Ē thick in the middle and since itís hardy acrylic, it can be used outside with no worry of breakage. Itís also a great container around the house or at work Ė use it in your bathroom or salons to hold hair and makeup brushes, in your kitchen to hold napkins and cooking utensils or use it outside to hold gardening tools. We also offer this identical vase in a 5Ē cube and several sizes of clear cubes.
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