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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Beaching It with Burlap|Incorporate Coastal Style and a Bit of DIY
Beaching It with Burlap|Incorporate Coastal Style and a Bit of DIY

Beaching It with Burlap|Incorporate Coastal Style and a Bit of DIY

Whether you are lucky enough to live in an oceanfront paradise, or you bring a seaside vibe to your home via well chosen candles and a white noise machine, burlap is an inexpensive fabric that evokes the feel of a coastal cottage on an inland budget. We’ve found a diverse array of projects that use burlap/jute in creative, interesting ways ~ at a variety of skill, time, and budget levels. And we love the way that all of them bring summer indoors.

In the main photo, one of our favorite DIY projects is this adorable craft ~ perfect for a bathroom, or really any little spot that needs a bit of personality. You can cover a canvas with Jute or cover an existing, less-than-swoon-worthy wall piece and simply glue a starfish, seashell, or other simple cut-out on top. We can easily see these pieces done in sets of three using leftover decorator fabric, an extra pillowcase to coordinate with bed linens, or a bright solid piece of fabric for extra punch. For a bit more depth, cover the square piece first in your design fabric, and then layer a piece of burlap with a cutout over top.

If your DIY is currently overworked, a jute table topper (2nd photo) is a quick and easy route to adding some beach charm to a guest room. Add a Chunky Pillar Candle on a pedestal, and you’ve created a relaxing retreat.

And if you are up for a bit of a challenge, create a custom upholstered headboard (3rd photo) that pairs a sophisticated, budget-friendly look with an unfussy beach vibe.

If you prefer arts to crafts, stenciling subway art onto burlap (4th photo) is a great way to add graphic interest and a message to curtains, cork boards and everything in between.

Last but not least, Burlap Pennants are one of our favorite new products ~ these burlap pennants ~ pre-made jute triangles are just waiting to be stenciled. They’ll welcome the honeymooners to their seaside retreat, the family for a gathering or just express your delight at being at the beach.

Whether you’re redoing an entire home at the coast, or freshening up a corner of your home, burlap and jute are two fabrics that are inexpensive, easy to work with, and flexible enough to fit into a variety of design and life styles.
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