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Create Stunning Prom & Event Spaces Without Breaking The Bank

Create Stunning Prom & Event Spaces Without Breaking The Bank

Buy Awesome Decor that Serves Throughout the Year

Investing in foundation pieces that can be used throughout the year for any number of events or themes is just plain SMART. Budget friendly items like fairy string lights, paper lanterns, flower balls, paper roses, rose petals and a glitzy beaded curtain can really transform a gym, tent or large room into any theme you have.

Regardless the time of year, all of these items can be used over and over. For proms, dances, plays, fund-raisers, pep rallies, awards ceremonies and appreciation dinners, our huge line of event Decor is astounding and specifically designed to totally eliminate your Decorating concerns and fears. All of these items are lightweight and most break down for easy storage. We have an abundance of white and ivory items with tons of colorful ones, too! Have fun planning, shopping and always...enjoy the moment!

Make A Jaw Dropping Prom Entrance from Reusable Decor Pieces

Focusing time and attention on the entrance to prom is a great way to maximize the budget and set the tone for a first class event. Creating an Insta-worthy entrance is as simple as investing in foundation pieces like columns, archways, and urns, and then embellishing them to suit your theme each year.

This Greek Gods and Goddesses entrance is gush-worthy, and it"s built on those very affordable foundation items: columns, an archway, and urns. With florals, hanging candle holders, and of course a statue or two to customize the entrance to the theme, this prom is ready to transport the senior class to Athens as soon as couples step into the space. We also stock the large branches used to complete the archway and the smaller branches that line the aisle. All of those pieces are reusable as well, and they"re great fillers that suit a variety of themes and applications.

For an entirely different look on a bare bones budget, we love this colorful prom entrance (2nd picture down) outside the school gym (more on that specific challenge in a few minutes). With colorful fabric and patio string lights swagged over a tent frame, flower balls, paper lanterns, and a bead curtain entrance, this inexpensive prom entrance is dramatic and picture-worthy. By choosing bead curtains for the entrance, you ensure that the last guests to enter will get the same great experience as the first ~ no ripped and tangled streamers, this year or for years to come. And by incorporating reusable pieces, your prom will be good for the environment and for future prom budgets.

Decorating for A Gorgeous Prom in the School Gym

There are few Decorating challenges as daunting as transforming the high school gym into a magical prom experience. We have solutions for that exact situation, and they won"t cost an arm and a leg nor require you to spend 4 days camped out at school cutting out paper Decorations. We can help you put together a look that is customized to your needs and made of the best quality Decor items at the best prices. And we"ll help you spend your money on pieces that will work for several different themes ~ and that will stand up to years of use as well. (Hint: There is no flimsy cardboard in our custom prom kits, and you won"t have to spend $4000+.)

Speaking of big ticket items, the projected trees (3rd picture down) are key to this gymnasium transformation, and we adore the effect if it"s in your budget. If you need to stick to more frugal options, check out our Lighted Organza Curtains. With the lights built in, they are an attractive, easy way to block the bleachers, and they"re a snap to install. Add some theme specific embellishments, and you"re all set down the sidelines for this year, next year and beyond.

Add ceiling drapes and chandeliers to the ceiling, some lightly Decorated Manzanita trees on centerpiece mirrors to your tables, and boom! Instant fabulousness replaces last Friday night"s home basketball game.

4th picture down - This room isn"t a gym, but it sure could be. These staple Decor pieces work in any large space. Swagged tulle, string columns, and balloons or paper lanterns tie together a great, flexible look in a large space without busting the budget. And we really can"t resist a good disco ball in any venue.

Whether your prom budget is flush with cash and ready to party, or you"ve got a shoestring and a little prayer to work with, we"re here to help. We understand how to fill a big space on any budget, and we stay on top of trends while providing top quality Decor at competitive prices. (Sometimes it"s hard to tell just how competitive we are until it"s too late, but a couple of recent trips through some of the big box craft stores reminded us that we need to say that we DO compete successfully on price, but nobody really competes with us on quality.)

So if you"re ready to wow the senior class and to start your own collection of reusable (hello, environmental club members ~ we"re looking at you!) prom staples, we are ready to help you figure out what you need, how to order it, and to get it in your hands in plenty of time.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you find the perfect Decorations for this year"s prom, and for years of events to come.
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