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Light Curtains, Fairy Lights, Bistro Lights

Light Curtains, Fairy Lights, Bistro Lights

Add sparkle and adventure to any space with LED curtain lights, fairy strands and string lights from ShopWildThings. Our extensive collection includes such a huge variety that you'll certainly find what you need to plan an event, a get-together or simply Decorate a part of your home. Our customers love our comprehensive collection of curtain and fairy lights because they're ideal for formal occasions, such as weddings and wedding receptions, and they're versatile enough to be used for other gatherings, such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations or everyday Decor.

Our Brand New DazzLED Line of LED Event Lighting is made exclusively for ShopWildThings - and we are crazy people for quality. Each LED light is tested (at our insistence and at an extra cost to us) to be sure that it's beautiful and perfect before it's packaged! Our DazzLED line uses the very latest in LED Technology, making it much brighter, with more vibrant colors, and with event longer lasting diodes (lights) than its predecessors.

Our LED products are all certified for safety with either UL or CE certification.

At ShopWildThings, we know that every planner's needs are different. That's why we carry LED curtain lights, LED submersible lights, light saucers and more — all at affordable prices. You'll find LED light curtains featuring 288 crystal bulbs that are 12 feet long; those that feature 144 crystal LED bulbs that are 6 feet long; and spectacular star-shaped light curtains, as well. We have LED ceiling drapes and canopies, as well, so you can create the perfect environment in nearly any space. Best of all, LEDs use less energy than comparable lighting options, and they don't emit as much heat, making them a versatile solution. There's nothing better than getting your décor just right, and ShopWildThings can help you do just that.

We also have white and off-white fairy lights, globe lights on strings, and LED light strands that you can use as holiday décor or for any other purpose. We have party string lights with miniature paper lanterns, falling star icicle lights and memory wire LED light strands that you can shape and mold to your heart's content. Our customers come to us because we've built a reputation for carrying the highest quality products, and we'll continue to do so. Every item in our catalog has been rigorously tested and handpicked by our in-house experts in order to provide you with the quality you deserve. We wouldn't leave you without accessories, either. At ShopWildThings, we carry electrical extension kits and the other supplies you need to make your event a smashing success.
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