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Custom Beaded Curtain "Margot" - Made to Order in the USA! Choose Your Beads!

Please call 928.855.6075 or click the link below for a Custom Order Quote.

  • Item #: 145006
  • Weight: 5.20 LBS
  • Color Family: multi
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Custom Curtain "Margot", High Quality Beads, Made in the USA using beads made in Europe! 

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Choose Bead Color:  White, Cognac, Champagne, Crystal or choose multiple colors for 1 curtain.
Additional Custom Options:  Choose multiple colors, mix Margot & Metro bead styles, choose curtain top (header), choose length

Some folks like uniformity and some like variety and what we like, is to please you! So, welcome to our fabulous Acrylic Beaded Curtain "Margot" and sister curtain "Metro"!  These curtains are made from super clear, high quality acrylic and each has different bead styles and colors, instantly adding pizazz and pop to any room. The Margot beads are 1/2" long with 2 round beads alternating down the strand. The beads are fused to the strand, meaning the strands can be cut without damaging the curtain and the strand itself is quite hardy. 

Custom Margot: $6.99 Per Square Foot - The Margot beads come in 4 colors so you can choose multiple colors. Or, mix the Margot and Metro styles for a bit more of visual interest. Give us a pattern: if you want 4 strands in one color and 2 strands in another color in a different beads, we can do that, too! Perhaps you'd like a Metal, Bendable or Fabric Header (see the options below) or a non-standard curtain length.  Just give us a call at 928-855-6075 so we can provide a quote for the curtain you desire. Each and every curtain is constructed by our fabricators, right here in our ShopWildThings warehouse and they will customize your curtains to suite your style!  

We're very proud of our in-house fabricators who are meticulous and always delighted to use their skills to craft unique, one-of-a-kind designs for all kinds of events and renown designers.  Just give us a call at 928-8555-6075 to arrange for us to send you samples of these fabulous high quality beads.

An awesome quality about beaded curtains is that they take up minimal space yet transform the look and feel of an entire room.  Use as room dividers, door curtains, backdrops, window coverings, wall accent decor, coverings for closets, pantries, storage areas and laundry rooms. And beaded curtains aren't just for your main rooms. Consider using them in sunrooms, on a patio, on slider doors, in a game or rec room and they make an excellent backdrop for bars.

To create a unique and dazzling ceremony chuppah, simply wire tie the rods to the crossbars of a Wedding & Event Canopy Kit and optionally tie back the sides to create an entrance. Or create a super cool backdrop for the head table by using a 2 Tier Pipe & Drape Kit, hang white sheers in front with colorful beaded curtains in the back, then uplight.  Also perfect for photos!

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