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VIDEO: Cutting Width on Bamboo Beaded Curtains & Wood Beaded Curtains - WITH VIDEO TUTORIAL

So many of our customers need custom sizes of bamboo and/or wood beaded curtains. It is not possible at this time for us to take custom orders for just a few bamboo or wood beaded curtains. So, the next best thing is to trim the width of these curtains yourself.

This is easy to do with many of the bamboo and painted bamboo beaded curtains, but there are some of the other wood curtains that cannot be trimmed in width.

For trimming the length: Bamboo: (not covered in this video)...the bamboo curtains and painted bamboo curtains have wire inside connecting one bamboo tube to the next, so you'd have to cut the wire and tie it back off.

Wood: For trimming the length of wood beaded curtains (like that on the right side of the video) You will need to cut the string at the bottom of the strand, remove the extra beads, and tie the string back to hold the bottom bead in place.

Take a look at the 2 minute video that will help answer some questions about trimming the width of these curtains.
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