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Chandelier "Anotella" 4 Tier Party Chandelier - 6' 3" Long

Item #: 144621
Item Specifics
75 inches
23 1/2 inches
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Item Description
Extra Large 4-Tier Crystal Iridescent Beaded Chandelier with Removable Chain & Tiers 6' 3" Long by 23 1/2" Wide

For weddings, events, home or office, our "Anotella" Chandelier features 4 tiers of crystal iridescent beads for areas that need that extra WOW factor! At over 6' long and just shy of 2' wide, this extra-large beauty will dazzle the most lackluster of rooms by hanging overhead or by sitting on a floor or table riser. "Anotella" features 4 tiers whose diameters measure 23 1/2", 15 1/2", 10" and 4 1/5". Each tier hangs with steel spring clips and can easily be detached, as well as the 21" long hanging chain. The total hanging length is 75" or 6' 3" and without the chain, the chandelier is 54" or 4.5'. This chandelier weighs 4.7 lbs.

Sparkling from top to bottom, this hanging chandelier does not come with a light kit but has the hardware to use a Light Kit. Optionally, an LED light disc can sit on top to downlight the beads. An awesome event needs awesome decor so why not spread it all around the room!

For instance, if you remove the bottom 2 tiers, you can place the top tiers on a Height Adjustable Riser to fill in corners or highlight areas around the room. Then, hang the bottom 2 tiers as an elegant decoration or place them on an Elevation Riser, add a submersible LED light into the riser and now you have your centerpieces!

Your mission: decorate the venue...ceiling, room and tables.
Our answer: get Anotella.
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Chandelier "Anotella" 4 Tier Party Chandelier - 6' 3" Long
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