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Gemstones Beaded Curtains, Chandeliers, Bead Rolls

Gemstones Beaded Curtains, Chandeliers, Bead Rolls

Our Gemstone crystal bead curtains at ShopWildThings have generous strands of large acrylic gemstone-cut beads that will add sparkle to any special event or production stage. Add dazzle to a bedroom, outdoor celebration or retail window display. We've got gorgeous gemstone-facet acrylic crystal chandeliers, too, for that next grand gala.

Our Gemstones curtains, chandeliers and beads by the roll each have three sizes of beads. The Little Gems style comes with 4mm, 6mm and 10mm faceted beads and the regular gemstone style comes with 4mm, 10mm and 15mm (.59 inch). Mix and match the different sizes of curtains and chandeliers with 4mm, 6mm and 10mm (.39 inch) beads. Our Acrylic Beaded Curtains come fully assembled on a 35" wide rod.
The Gemstone-beaded curtains are each 3 feet wide and come in lengths of 6 feet, 12 feet or 18 feet. Each sturdy hanging rod is pre-fitted with 23 stands of these ornate beads. Choose sheer non-iridescent or super shiny iridescent crystal gemstone acrylic beads. Browse our pearly iridescent, green-blue, pink, brown-amber and purple beaded curtain colors. Add fabulous flourishes with our beads by the 20-yard roll.

Our gemstone-cut acrylic crystal Madison chandelier beautifully reflects the light with iridescent beads that cascade to a 12-inch length from this 10.25-inch diameter ceiling fixture. With a 14-inch chain, the total length is 26 inches on this hanging chandelier.

With the 20-inch riser included in our centerpiece boost kit designed for the Madison acrylic crystal chandelier, you can create a beautiful tabletop focal point using a chandelier. Click on our how-to video for quick tips to easily insert the light kit that comes with this fixture. The hollow 18-inch acrylic tube that's included with this chandelier/riser set that will allow you to insert flowers, loose beads, or our stunning little submersible LED lights. Or, add our pearl beads that expand from flat to plump and fabulous by simply adding water. The chandelier booster set has a 6-inch acrylic plate top and 12-inch acrylic plate base.

Create your own bedroom oasis with our Room in a Box 3-piece gemstones beads set. The purple Megan set has a purple gemstone-cut beaded curtain, a Madison chandelier and semi-sheer purple netting bed canopy. The pretty canopy includes mounting hardware.

Shop our coordinating beaded curtains, backdrops and acrylic bead strands. Consult our in-house experts for any assistance to help you design the perfect wedding reception, stage set or gala. We've been serving major movie studios, top event planners, wedding designers and five-star restaurants, for more than 20 years. Read our glowing customer testimonials. Trust our expertise.

  • 3' rod with 23 strands of beads
  • Choose Gemstone or Little Gem bead sizes
  • Little gems are 4mm, 6mm and 10mm per curtain
  • Regular gems are 4mm, 10mm and 15mm per curtain
  • Lengths range from 6 to 18 feet
  • Mounting hardware included with Room in a Box
  • Free shipping on qualifying $100-plus orders
  • Custom orders welcome
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