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Centerpiece Riser Swagged Gold & Real Crystals "Avani" 31 1/2" Tall

Item #: 750208
Item Specifics
31 1/2 inches
8 inches
tabletop||floor standing
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Item Description
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Gold Centerpiece or Floor Display Riser with Real Crystal Strands 31 1/2" Tall by 8" Wide

Outrageously stunning from top to bottom, our Golden "Avani" Display Stand and Riser is 31 1/2 inches of opulence and pizazz! There are 20 real crystal bead strands flowing from the top plate to a lower bowl and another 20 strands flowing from the bowl to the base. The longer strands are each 17" and the shorter are 8" long. The top plate is 8" in diameter and has a small lip. Although "Avani" needs no extra embellishments, the small bowl is about 3/4" deep and 3" in diameter (small but handy) where you could add silk rose petals or a portion of a flower garland, diamond confetti, fairy string lights and Fairy Firefly Pearls fit perfectly!

Our crystal beads are real crystal, not acrylic and they are faceted on all sides. You will find sellers who "sneak" in plastic beads or mix acrylic with glass beads. We are fanatical that this is NOT done on our products. Just take a peak at our video to see why we're so proud of our line of real crystal beaded products.

Risers are one of the most useful items in any event planners toolbox because they are so versatile. They can go on the floor or on tables and you can elevate (i.e. show-off!) desserts, candles, vases, floral arrangements or turn them into floor and table chandeliers! Impressive for even the most discriminating tastes, "Avani" performs equally beautiful as a floor riser or as a table accent display or centerpiece. With all the shiny jewels hanging from this piece, simply adding Mercury Glass Candle Holders is enough, top with a pomander flower ball or you can go more elaborate by adding a tall Crystal Beaded Trumpet Vase to hold flowers, lights and/or manzanita branches. Again, the versatility of risers is priceless for event decorating!

This riser breaks down for easy transport and storage and you will need to attach the strands but no tools are needed.
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Centerpiece Riser Swagged Gold & Real Crystals "Avani" 31 1/2" Tall
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