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Mercury Glass Candle Holders 6pcs - 3 1/2"H x 3"W - Gold

Item #: 750212
Item Specifics
3 inches
3 1/2 inches
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Item Description
Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders Set of 6 Tulip Shaped Each 3 1/2" Tall by 3" Wide

Classy, reusable and so affordable, our Set of 6 Mercury Glass Candle Holders look incredible lighting an aisle, brightening up centerpiece displays or setting the tone for an intimate dinner! Each candle holder is 3 1/2" tall by 3" wide and can accommodate a votive or tea light candle up to 1 1/2" in diameter. The outside of the cups is gold with a random pattern of silver mercury glass overlay on the inside, giving the glass a metallic yet see through look. Colored Submersible LED Lights look exceptional in these holders so matching your event colors is no problem!

The tulip shaped cups give an elegant flare making these wonderful for wedding and event Decor or any special occasion. Candlelight has a magnetic draw and setting these mercury glass holders on Centerpiece Mirrors creates a romantic ambiance, complete with a soft, warm glow. Another look is to elevate the glow around the room by placing several holders on Risers or Cake Stands!
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Mercury Glass Candle Holders 6pcs - 3 1/2"H x 3"W - Gold
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