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Metal Heart Wedding Arch "SweetHeart" | 7'4"H x 8'3"W - Heavy Duty

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  • Item #: 177005
  • Weight: 25.00 LBS
  • Features: freestanding, indoor/outdoor, 3-D
  • Height: 88 inches
  • Width: 99 inches
  • Color Family: white
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"SweetHeart" White Metal Wedding & Event Arch Backdrop, Freestanding 3-D Frame with Sturdy, Stabilizing Feet Assembles in 15 Minutes. 7ft 4in Tall by 8ft 3in Wide with 16 Holders to Create Voluminous Decorative Designs.

Make sure to view the video of this exact item!

The perfect way to set the stage for an outstanding wedding or event ceremony is to start with decorations that you can rely on, take little setup time, are attractive and able to scale designs from minimalistic to stuffed. That perfect stage starts with our romantic "Sweetheart" Arch! This heavy duty backdrop arch weighs 25 lbs., stands on its own and consists of 7 pieces that easily slide together. There are 2 anchor bases which are 17 1/2" by 12 1/2", 2 straight frames, 2 arching frames and the top center frame. "Sweetheart" stands 7' 4" tall by 8' 3" wide and the entire arch consists of 3 sturdy frames that support 16, 4 1/2" round frames that help to hold decorations in place. It's a lot of framework which means you have plenty of options and areas to customize as you wish. If the setting has a long aisle or runway, consider an arch at the entrance and one at the ceremony spot to really set off the venue!

Sweetheart is 261 linear inches (distance of the entire outer frame) with a circumference of 16" (distance around the 3 frames). If covering with flower walls and you need full, 360 coverage all the way around the arch, we suggest you zip tie the short sides of the wall together, meaning you will need approx. 15 walls. If you only need to cover the front and sides of the arch, leaving the backside exposed, you can zip tie the long sides together so you would need approx. 11 full walls or 30 half round Curved Flower Walls. Full wall based on 17" short side or 24" long side & half wall based on 18" long side.

Designers and event planners know that high-end clients and brides especially, want their personal style to show through on their big day and whether they're having a traditional church wedding, garden setting or beachfront ceremony, this arch is the ideal backdrop for the "I Do's" and it's the perfect picture framer. If your style is rustic or you can't get enough sparkle and shine, there's plenty of room for expressing your character. Embellish with Hanging Floral Garlands and Draping Sprays, add a touch of greenery or drape with tulle or Sheer Fabric Draping. Add some beaded crystal strands to up the glitz factor! To conceal the feet of the arch try a flower or landscape wall mat which has a grid framework that can slip over the 3 pipes on the bases.

This arch also makes a top-notch welcome mat for a prom, clubs, restaurants, theatre productions and red carpet events. Hang a posh Chandelier Decoration or dangle glass candle holders. Lighting can transform the look of just about any prop and all the framework in "Sweetheart" makes it beyond easy to add light discs or easy to conceal fairy light strands which come in plug-in or battery-operated styles. Changing out themes or designs is actually fun when your framework is dependable and stress-free!

Exceeding your clients' expectations while creating a dream backdrop is priceless. Make it happen by starting with the proper framework!

Setup: 2 people set this up in 15 minutes. Tips: Place a straight frame into each base then place an arched frame on top of them. Place the center top heart shape into the arched frames.

This video shows the ROUND arch, but it's constructed in a similar way. Read above for how many Flower Walls you need to cover the "Sweetheart" Arch.

Base Weights: Many customers like to add weight to the bases so that they do not tip over. Some customers use bricks and hide them with florals, and some customers use sandbags. You can even use play sand inside of ziplock bags! It is very easy to hide the bricks or sandbags, especially when greens are involved. You can also disguise bricks or ziplock bags using black or green duct tape!

Foam or Foam Free Installation of Florals: There are many mechanics to use when adding florals to this structure. You can use Foam or make a Foam-Free design using chicken wire. There are some tutorials online that you can check out. our friend Sarah Campbell from Intrigue Designs also teaches a class on this.

Three Different Techniques shared by Vi Nguyen of Picotte Flowers:

1. Attach dry foam then insert greenery on it, water tubed all my blooms. It help a lot with the weight 2. Wrap chicken wire around, insert green cause it doesn't need water source during an event. Water tube my blooms. You will still need some weights. 3. I once used wet foam, lots of weight, still it tilted.

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