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Using Beaded Curtains in the Home

Using Beaded Curtains in the Home
Using Beaded Curtains in the Home
Who uses beaded curtains?

We get asked this question just about every day and the answer might surprise you. EVERYONE is using beaded curtains! Event planners use beaded curtains to cover walls and to create beautiful spaces within a venue. You will see our beaded curtains on television shows and in movies just about every day!

Right now, we want to focus on how you can use beaded curtains in your home.

For the consumer, the beaded curtain solves the problem of having boring window treatments. A lot of our customers will hang them in a window and then flank either side of that window with standard fabric curtains.

Beaded curtains are generally about 3 feet wide and 6 feet long. If your window or opening is more than 3 feet wide, simply hang two (or more, if needed) curtains right next to each other. The rods of the beaded curtains can be "butted up" right next to each other for a clean look. If, when you hang two beaded curtains next to each other, the walls are then covered in beaded curtains there are a couple of solutions to take care of that. You can use fabric curtains to cover the excess beads OR you can trim the extra beads off of the rod OR you can cut the rods to fit your opening exactly.

Sometimes beaded curtains are called Door Beads. This is because this is how they were originally used. Our curtains are a good fit for most doorways. You can hang them either from the doorframe using "c" hooks (the type that you might use to hang a small plant from a ceiling), or you can use two nails and hang the curtains from the wall on the outside or the inside of your door. You don't necessarily have to remove an existing door in order to use our Door Beads.

If you do decide to use the curtains in a doorway, make sure that you choose a style of bead that does not have sharp or pointy edges. Also avoid the SQUARE shape beaded curtain for a doorway, as they tangle easily. The best beaded curtains for a doorway are: any wooden style, Diamonds, Bubbles, Diamante Duo, Raindrops, Ball Chain, Sparkles, Little Gems, Ice Pops, Gemstones, Emeralds, Pearls, Bubble Drops, and Mini Pops.

Any style of beaded curtain is fine for a window because you probably won't be walking through it.

As with anything that you hang in a window or in a doorway or on a closet...please exercise caution when you have little children around. Do not place beaded curtains near a crib or anywhere that toddlers or small children might become entangled in them. Safety is absolutely first and foremost.