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Beads Bring Fresh Look and Functionality to Luxury Events

Beads Bring Fresh Look and Functionality to Luxury Events

We've admired Fauxcades for years, and we're dying to show you a little behind-the-scenes awesomeness direct from some of Fauxcades' premier events.

When you're planning an event in Texas, and especially if you're designing for the Cattle Baron's Ball in Dallas, it really is a go big or go home kind of thing. I mean, when you're supporting the American Cancer Society and your headliner is Kenny Chesney, you kinda need to be awesome. Be awesome ~ check. The scale of the Cattle Baron's Ball is a little hard to imagine if you haven't been, and the sheer number of Texans who come out to support it is huge. Fauxcades created these signature seating arrangements that take up relatively little space (you need those hardwood floors for dancing, y'all) but bring plenty of the wow! factor that Fauxcades is known for. Using oversized banquettes and our bead curtains arranged in pairs, these vignettes break up the space without taking it over, and we are pretty much in love with them. What a great way to add interest to the lounge areas without taking up more square footage ~ with reusable bead curtains that just happen to make great backdrops for pictures, too.

One of our favorite things ever is a good set of process photos, and these images really show how a composite chandelier can be created from standalone chandeliers in a variety of styles and sizes. Shown in the 2nd photo behind a low sofa at Fauxcades' open house, this statement piece is a striking backdrop for the low sofa, and it would serve so well as a scene setter at a large venue or as a focal point in a more intimate space. We are even seeing dramatic wedding cakes suspended over chandelier arrangements like this one, created with a combination of chandeliers and Crystal Columns.

The 3rd photo shows a closeup of that fab composite chandelier ~ see the crystal columns, swirl chandeliers, and column chandeliers? Best of all, these chandeliers are staples as standalone pieces and as elements in larger composite arrangements.

We can't resist slipping in one last shot from another Fauxcades event. What a cool combination focal point and photo backdrop for this event entrance. The industrial feel of the scaffolding balances nicely against the metallic spangle bead curtains for a look that is hip and modern without being cold. And as with most of our pieces, the bead curtain is easy to transport, simple to hang, and efficient to store ~ because you will want to use it over and over, and our quality makes that possible for years to come.

Our thanks go out to Fauxcades for sharing these images. We look forward to featuring more of their work in the coming months ~ be on the lookout for one amazing tent transformation for a gala event. When you have a designer with real creativity and a warehouse of design staples to work with, the sky truly is the limit for realizing your unique vision.

If you love these looks but aren't quite sure which pieces you need to get started, or if you have a base of staples but need to take it to the next level with some fresh new pieces, pub-lease take advantage of our real, live customer service representatives. They work within walking distance of our products, so they can help you figure out what you need, how many to order, and how many days it will take for everything to arrive at your location (usually in days, not weeks ~ an advantage of shipping directly from our gigantor warehouse). Call us at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you get just what you need to make your next event fabulous.
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