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Diamond Crystal Iridescent Beaded Curtain 6 Feet Long - 34 Strands


  • Item #: 15580
  • Weight: 2.65 LBS
  • Strand Count: 34 strands
  • Length: 6 Feet Long
  • Color Family: clear
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  • In Stock!

Diamonds Crystal Iridescent Beaded Curtains 6 Feet Long - The Best Quality Acrylic Beads on the Market with the BEST SPARKLE! 

Available in sizes:
3 Feet Wide x 6 Feet Long (Item #15580)
3 Feet Wide x 9 Feet Long (Item #123703)
3 Feet Wide x 12 Feet Long (Item #198316910)
3 Feet Wide x 20 Feet Long (Item #131069700)
3 Feet Wide x 24 Feet Long (Item #21433)

Diamonds Crystal Beaded Curtain Wedding Backdrop This curtain has a beautiful Iridescent Finish. This curtain is the BEST QUALITY available on the market. You can't afford to use junky-looking beads at your event! When you see these available on other sites for less $, we can guarantee that hanging side-by-side, you'll choose ours. If you want to be proud of what your project, you need to get ShopWildThings Diamonds Crystal Beaded Curtains. We have our own factory for this product and it is far superior to anything you'll find anywhere else,  ever.

Each splendid beaded curtain is 35 inches wide and 70 inches long. Use them alone or in front of fabric panels for a stunning, sparkling backdrop. Each curtain rod holds 34 strands. Each diamond bead is 1 centimeter in diameter. Because all beads are attached to the rod, it takes just two minutes using two nails or two small C-hooks.

We're not exaggerating when we say how much our customers love these diamond crystal iridescent diamond-faceted crystal bead curtains from ShopWildThings. Scroll through all the rave reviews in the customer testimonials at the bottom of this page about these 6-foot-long acrylic crystal strands curtains.

Shop our magnificent beaded lamps with the same iridescent color and our coordinating accessories to complete your perfectly matched look for that next memorable project. We carry beautiful coordinating chandeliers with crystal beads that sparkle like diamonds and dazzling ceiling canopies with diamond-bright faceted crystals.

Our crystal Celebration Chelsea chandelier is 6 feet in length. Our Falling Stars chandelier is 21.5 inches tall. Our pretty Quinn chandelier is 10 inches in diameter and 21 inches high. Our  crystal diamond-faceted beaded ceiling curtains have easy-to-follow instructions for two-person installation.

The gorgeous diamond crystal curtains featured on this page with strands of diamond-faceted iridescent beads have been featured on television shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Jimmy Kimmel Live. They're a favorite for movie productions, weddings, homes, special events and professional photo shoots, too.

Our video on this page demonstrates how beautifully these crystals capture the light for a shimmering look.

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