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K9 Crystal Premium Beaded Garland Strand - 3/4" Beads - 16 1/2 Feet


  • Item #: 610002
  • Weight: 1.00 LBS
  • Features: beaded, premium quality, Real Crystal (not just glass)
  • Width: 3/4 inch (18mm)
  • Length: 16.5 feet (almost 5 meters)
  • Color Family: clear
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K9 Real Crystal Garlands 3/4" beads, 16.5 Feet Total Length. Make sure to view the video where we've shown you how you can elegantly mix this strand with our High Quality Acrylic Pendants! 

Length: 16.5 Feet or almost 5 Meters
Bead Size: 3/4" or 18mm diameter
Bead Type: K9 High Grade Crystal (Real Crystal, not glass passed off as Crystal)

We've taken on the challenge of finding the best, top-grade quality crystal beads for you and we're proud to say, mission accomplished! Known for superb quality and optimal shine, our 16.5 foot long K9 Crown Glass Crystal Garland Strands will create exquisite decor for Weddings, Events and Parties!

These crystals will throw rainbows all over the room. They are unbelievably beautiful.

You can mix our extremely high quality Acrylic Pendants and add them to the bottom of crystal strands. They will look STUNNING, even at the bottom of real crystal strands: High Grade Acrylic Pendants are Here.

Our K9 Crystal is not the "too good to be true" crystal. It's the real deal, at a great price. They are absolutely stunning and we sell them to our biggest and most discerning famous event planners. If you're finding them elsewhere for a "cheap" price - be assured that you're going to be buying "glass" and not the superior Crystal that we are offering here.

These Genuine Crystal Beaded Strands offer superior clarity, outstanding brilliance and the precision faceted surfaces on the octagon shaped beads is truly dazzling! The quality in their appearance is obvious but you can literally feel and hear the difference!

The beads are 3/4" (18mm) in diameter by 3/8" thick. Each strand is 39.5" long and you will receive 5 strands for a total length of about 16.5 feet. Using these gorgeous garlands, you can decorate with the utmost confidence and knowledge that these crystals will perform beyond your expectations! These classy jewels are so beautiful that it's actually hard to stop staring at them! The beads are faceted on both sides and the light refraction is incredible!

Using the jump rings, you can connect all the strands or alternate with our larger 1/2" K9 crystal bead strand. You can also easily remove the jump rings and use the beads by themselves to fill a vase, a candle holder or champagne glass. For a quick centerpiece, sprinkle some beads on a mirror with rose petals and a flameless candle, colorful tea lights or fairy lights. Each bead has 2 tiny holes so you could replace the jump rings with monofilament line, making them ideal for adding that extra dazzle to bouquets or to dangle from floral arrangements for added glitz. Swag from centerpiece trees or manzanita tree branches. Create an elegant table runner by placing these crystals on our lighted LED bendable organza ribbon.

For artistic set decorators, inspiring wedding and event planners and those imaginative DIY types, with your creativity and our top-of-the-line K9 Crystal Beads, event magic is at hand!

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