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COMING SOON! LED Flexible Light Strip w/Adhesive Back - Battery Operated - Pure White 35"

Item #: 163006
Item Specifics
5/16 inch
35 inches
bendable||sticky back
Item Description
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Light can magically transform the appearance of anything and highlight qualities and features that create extravagant focal points and elegant showpieces. With this LED Flexible Light Strip with an Adhesive Back, you can highlight and accent areas you never thought possible! There are 54 Pure White surface mounted LEDs that are really super bright AND the backing is 3M adhesive tape so the areas you can now make over are endless! This peel and stick LED flex strip is 5/16" wide by 35" long. The compact UL Listed battery case is 2 3/4" wide by 5" long and 3/4" tall and requires 8 AA batteries (not included). The battery case has an on/off switch with a 7' lead that plugs into the light strip. This quality ribbon light produces a high intensity lighting option that is extremely efficient and LED's have very low power consumption.

Battery Life: We just finished doing our own in-house battery life test on this item. On Monday evening , we put 8 fresh AA Batteries in the battery pack. It is now TWO WEEKS LATER (we never turned them off at all) and the lights are still on, although finally dim. We found that with fresh batteries (we used Duracell brand batteries), the lights stayed brightest for he first 7 days and got gradually dimmer as days 8-14 went on. Our test lasted for 336 hours and the lights were still on at the end. You will get thousands and thousands of hours out of these LED's, and many events out of a single 8 pack of batteries!

The photos show our Diamonds Crystal Beaded Curtain with LED Strips installed on top. The top couple of feet of beads are illuminated by the LED Strip which is beautiful - and the rest of the area (a large portion of the room!) is also illuminated by the light spill of just one strand on top of one curtain! What this means is that these could possibly be all the lighting you'd need in a dark area of a venue! If using in your home, this would easily be a replacement for other lighting in your room, or work well as a nightlight, too! The lights are not so bright as to be annoying or hard on your eyes, but definitely bright enough to be a significant light source.

Another feature of this incredible strip is that it can be cut shorter if needed. There is a faint line along the strip indicating where you can cut which is every 2" which equals 3 LEDs. The lights are mounted on the edge of the strip facing down so you can downlight or flip it over to up light and the powerful output is truly amazing. Around the home, for weddings, parties and events, this LED strip can make the difference between OK and WOW! Crystal and acrylic beaded decor like Sparkling Crystal Diamond Columns, Diamond Beaded Curtains, Chandeliers, Centerpieces and Candle Holders radiate with sophistication and made-to-order String Columns and Wedding Arches become key elegant attractions. Simply peel and stick!

Curve around corners, twist around a column, Centerpiece Trees or weave into a Wreath. This bendable strip allows easy installation in areas that are normally challenging or impossible to work with like archways, under steps, under staircase or balcony handrails. Illumination behind mirrors, artwork, bars and wall decor is a posh look and it's the perfect indirect lighting for coves, wall cut outs, pot shelves or to brighten under breakfast bars and counters. Light up those dark corners under cabinets and shelves and how handy to shed some light inside closets, cupboards and pantries. Battery powered, these can even be used on bikes, cars, motorcycles and RV's (not waterproof)!

Produce dramatic accent lighting or mood lighting anywhere with this impressive LED flex strip light that enables you to save time, enjoy fast installation while creating design magic!

We pay extra to have our lights UL Listed. This ensures the most safety. Buy cheaper at your own risk, we get reports all the time that someone's LED lights caught fire or started smoking. We do not say this to instill fear or sell more goods. We are truly concerned about unscrupulous sellers endangering lives.
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COMING SOON! LED Flexible Light Strip w/Adhesive Back - Battery Operated - Pure White 35"
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