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Tall Glass Candle Holders - Set of 3 - Long Stem - 8", 9", 10 1/4"

Item #: 144648
Item Specifics
10 1/4 inches
3 1/4 inches
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Item Description
Long Stem Glass Candle Holders, Set of 3, 8", 9" & 10 1/4" Tall Crystal Clear Centerpiece Décor

Classy looking centerpieces start with sophisticated decor pieces like this 3 Piece Long Stem Glass Candle Holder Set. Crisp, clean and elegant, it's the kind of centerpiece your eyes go to when you enter an event or reception. The crystal clear holders measure 8", 9" and 10 1/4" tall with a base diameter of 3". The petite goblets evoke refinement, and each cup opening is 2 1/4" in diameter while the depth is 1 3/4" with a dimpled bottom.

Whether your wedding or event is contemporary, rustic, grandiose or simple, this is one centerpiece you can easily dress to match your vibe and theme. Grouped together, the height variation creates a wonderful visual impact with the added bonus that your guests can see over them! Place them on centerpiece mirrors or line them individually down the center of a table atop a Tulle Runner. Simple yet classy!

Create a colorful rainbow display by submersing Waterproof LED Lights in water pearl jelly decor or float tiny foam roses in water. Fill with Sparkling Diamond Confetti or Pearls. There are many fun options to suit your party and your personality!

These are hand-blown glass candle holders which means that no 2 pieces are identical and minor imperfections like tiny bubbles may be visible. It is not machine made but one of a kind! All of our glass products except where indicated, are 100% hand-blown. This means humans were involved during the production process. For this reason no 2 pieces of the same product would be identical. The measurements will be very close to the descriptions given with possible slight variances. Thank-you for understanding.
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Tall Glass Candle Holders - Set of 3 - Long Stem - 8", 9", 10 1/4"
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