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Prom Decoration Advice & Photos - Light Curtains, Chandeliers and Centerpiece Kits are Reusable Core Pieces for Lots of Prom Themes

Prom Decoration Advice & Photos - Light Curtains, Chandeliers and Centerpiece Kits are Reusable Core Pieces for Lots of Prom Themes

When I was a class advisor, one of my favorite jobs was planning proms (long story involving great student council kids, teaching at a large high school, sponsoring the junior class, and a lifelong love of glitter).

At the high school where I taught, there were lots of requirements surrounding prom themes and venues. Our prom needed to accommodate 800-1000 people, which meant an off-campus venue and NOT a hotel (ahem). Prom also needed to have a theme that the seniors would be excited about AND that didn"t suggest anything that they were not allowed to do (no alcohol, etc.). Prom setup had to compete with hair, makeup, and mani/pedi appointments for student council members" time on the day before and day of the event, and months of planning culminated in a 4 hour extravaganza that needed to be home before Cinderella licenses expired ~ before midnight.

Add planning around those requirements to a full teaching schedule, and a class advisor needs to work smarter, not harder, to host an incredible prom without needing (non-existent) vacation days to recover.

So, we put our thinking caps on, and we assembled a collection of prom sized, budget conscious, user friendly pieces that will make prom planning sooooo much easier for class sponsors who need wow! factor without sticker shock ~ or a part-time job in event planning. Perhaps best of all, you and your students can feel great about choosing reusable Decor pieces ~ you"re keeping disposable Decorations out of landfills by choosing products that will work year after year, and theme after theme, and you"re saving money by adding pieces that are flexible enough to work year after year.

With the most popular prom themes in mind, we have collected some core Decor that will work every spring, allowing you to customize each year with smaller pieces, while reusing many of your basics again and again. Best of all, we have friendly customer service folks who are ready to help you with questions, since we know that planning prom is an “add on" to your job at school. Whether you"ve planned many proms or are just getting started, we can help you pick the right pieces, in the right quantities, and get them to you in time for a fabulous event this spring. And for many springs to come.

Some of our most popular prom Decor pieces are Large Chandeliers, centerpiece kits, and columns. We also sell tons of light curtains, paper lanterns, and LED balloon kits. All of these (except some of the disposable balloons/LEDs) are flexible enough to go from this year"s Starry Night to next year"s Grecian Ball to 2020"s Star Wars/Paris/Hollywood theme with ease. With an arsenal of large scale reusable Decorations, you can simply fill in each year with smaller theme specific add-ons and a few key focal point pieces, and you"ll be ready for prom after prom.

For maximum impact, we recommend focusing on the entrance to your prom first. Once you"ve set the stage for a top shelf prom with an awe-worthy entrance, your guests will be primed to be amazed by the rest of the event. Truly, a great first impression will influence everything else that your prom goers see.

If you have a bit more money in your first year of buying reusable Decor, consider creating a stunning photo backdrop, since that will lead to Instagram overflow repping your prom as the bomb. (We"re old.)

Got a little more cash to spend? Add chandeliers and light curtains to the interior of your prom as well. They are a great way to draw attention toward your Decor and away from any so-so venue areas. Finally, centerpieces are another easy way to amaze ~ mirrors and small centerpiece kits are great foundations for tons of table looks, and your tables can be customized with very inexpensive or student-made items that relate to each year"s theme once you have the mirror and kit in place.

There"s a reason why the nation"s biggest event designers and television and movie producers turn to us for the best Decor products. (Actually, there are lots of reasons: we"re nice, we supply high quality pieces, we ship fast… We could go on, but we"re blushing a bit.)

We"d love to bring the expertise that makes us the Decor supplier of choice for set and event design pros to your school prom, too.

Give the friendliest customer service folks in the industry a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you figure out what pieces will give you the most bang for your prom budget, and maximum reusability for future events. We will hook you up with the best prices, the best quality Decorations, and we will also make it easy for you to purchase using a school purchase order. (If we haven"t bragged a little already, we"re a family business, and there are a LOT of current and retired teachers in this family. We"d love to help your school get the most from your prom budget ~ just give us a call, and we"ll get started on that.)
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