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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Merry Christmas to You ~ Sexy Boudoirs Redos with Beaded Accent Walls
Merry Christmas to You ~ Sexy Boudoirs Redos with Beaded Accent Walls

Merry Christmas to You ~ Sexy Boudoirs Redos with Beaded Accent Walls

Whether you crave a serene, relaxing master bedroom that invites or a bold, sexy bedroom that summons some sizzle, our recent interview with Jenna Denson has us musing about the power of bead curtains to bring affordable, blingalicious luxury to your boudoir. Just in time to be a little Christmas present to you. Or to your sweetie. Or better yet, to both of you.

Let"s start with the waterfall effect that Jenna Denson of JDS Designs created in the best little boudoir redo in Texas, since this gorgeous wall o"bling is what got us thinking about beaded accent walls in the first place (main photo). Using Crystal Bead Strands, she went far beyond the obvious wall solutions, combining a muted paint with subtle sparkle to create a sophisticated showstopper of an accent wall. We kinda love that wall.

The 2nd photo shows another take on the same beads-as-bedroom-accent-wall concept ~ this time with pretty Capiz Shells and a monochromatic color scheme.

In the 3rd photo, this use of Beaded Curtains makes the most of both form and function. The wall of beads sets off the recessed window seat, while still creating an intimate space. We love the bold color scheme, too ~ reds, golds, and purples melt into a rich palette of sexy color in this luxury apartment master.

And although it's not *technically* a bedroom, the master bath certainly deserves plenty of TLC in any renovation. Here is one of the sweetest, sexiest master baths that we've seen lately (4th photo). Chain Curtains lend a sleek modern vibe and we could even see replacing the reflective wallpaper with a layer of Mirrored Curtains to add motion and dimension.

And here is another decadent modern dressing room featuring Real Metal Chain Curtains to divide space without sacrificing the view of that amazing mirror.
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