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Real Metal Lynx Chain Curtains - 7+ Choices

Real Metal Lynx Chain Curtains - 7+ Choices

ShopWildThings is proud to offer chain curtain products that offer so many possibilities that your imagination is literally the only limit. Often seen in restaurants, clubs and some of the edgier high-end homes.They are also Inherently Fire Proof, making them an excellent choice for venues with FR Requirements.

Our In-House Fabrication department is ready for your Custom Orders! We can make Bendable Metal Top, Straight Metal Top, or Fabric Strap Top with Grommets for your chain curtains!

Custom Chain Curtain Prices:

1) Lynx Chain $15.99 Per Square Foot (several colors)
2) Steel Ball Chain $13.99 Per Square Foot
3) Aluminum Ball Chain $19.99 Per Square Foot
4) Chain & Acrylic Crystal Garlands Mixed $20.99 Per Square Foot
5) Geometric Chain $12.99 Per Square Foot

All of our metal curtain chains are made in-house in Arizona. Our standard size for each curtain varies but hovers around approximately three feet by six feet. Also, each variety can be made to order into any size that fits your needs.

Custom panels come in widths up to 4', with any length chain that you choose. For wider spaces, we create multiple panels which are hung next to each other & appear visually to be one piece once installed.

If the idea of hanging these curtains seems daunting to you, we have good news. Each one of these metal curtains comes ready to install and you'll find a video at the bottom of this page instructing you on how to hang.

If you have any questions, our friendly staff of passionate professionals is on hand to ensure each one is answered before you make your purchase. We can also assist you in determining specifications for any custom order that you might want to place.

We also have the in-house capability to add this chain to fabric and add hanging grommets. Please call us for a Custom Quote.

You may have even seen our Metal Chain Curtains on ColorSplash with David Bromstad. Not only is he a huge fan of ShopWildThings, but a huge, huge fan of our chain curtain products. So much so that he outfitted significant portions of the Santa Monica House of Rock with them.

And we can understand why. No matter which variety you go with, you'll find that as soon as you hang your metal chain curtains, your space will have an entirely new edge that was not there before. Our Lynx Aluminum Beaded Chain offers a dense, lush metallic texture. Our Cameo line can be customized with crystal strands. And our Cameo & Gigi line is soft enough that it would serve as an elegant piece at a wedding or any other type of banquet.

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