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How to Decorate a Sparkly Wedding or Event

How to Decorate a Sparkly Wedding or Event

Go Big or Go Home

Dollars spent on focal points have so much more impact than the same dollars spread thin over every tabletop and flat surface. We believe in the gospel of the wow! factor over trying to be all things to all areas. Today we're featuring focal points that truly go big so that your guests will go home remembering the key features of your special day. Each of these amazing designs is made almost entirely of reusable pieces that established and up-and-coming event designers alike can afford to add to their stock. We stock top quality pieces that will stand up to regular use, store easily, and serve as "shape shifting" staples that anchor each unique design in totally different ways.

We love a guy who goes over the top for an audience of one, and this peacock themed engagement setting certainly qualifies as going all out for his intended. It's hard to outdo the groom who commissioned this stunning tableau to pop the question, and we are pretty sure that she said yes. Combining jewel tones and beaded crystal columns with floral trees, the effect is sheer fabulousness.

Southeast Asian weddings take the sweetheart table to the next level, and this focal point is an effective scene setter for the entire reception. We adore everything about it ~ the starlight effect produced by the light curtains, the single swagged bead curtain, the chandeliers with rucheDecord covers, the crystal candelabras, the crystal strands adorning the cake table… We could go on and on. And framing the area as if it were an actual set of pictures is the hallmark of a genius design.

Red, Black, and Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friends

Western events are taking a page from couple focused sets like this one for a luxury Southeast Asian wedding. What better way to maximize design impact than to create a romantic getaway within the reception where all eyes can appreciate the new Mr. and Mrs.? Combining bead curtains, light curtains, and chandeliers in both large and small sizes, this design is composed almost entirely of reusable pieces, so it maximizes both visual and budget impact. Add several of these pieces to your warehouse each season, and in a year or two, you'll have the makings of many custom vignettes for your couples.

Working the (Existing) Room

When the ballroom's existing features are good but not enough on their own, diamond crystal columns and complementary chandeliers are a killer way to add sparkle without breaking the bank OR fighting against the room Decor. In this space, the huge permanent room chandelier could be a liability, but with thoughtful placement of sustainable complementary pieces, it becomes a major (free) asset.

We've got to show you one last example of a well used ballroom. With another dominant room chandelier as a permanent feature, this design adds a luxurious floral curtain, several light curtains, and uplit florals to create a focal point area for the wedding party that works perfectly with the existing pieces in the room.

Sustainable design and luxury weddings go hand in hand, and Southeast Asian weddings are leading the way with cutting edge designs that focus all the attention on the stars of the day. We'd love to help you add just the right amount of sparkle and light to your next event, and to do so on your budget, in ways that increase your value to the brides and grooms you serve.

Our customer service folks are ready to help you plan your purchases, order any combination of in stock and custom pieces, and ensure that your items arrive on time and ready to go to work at your weddings and events. Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you find the Decor pieces that will set you apart as an industry leader in this competitive business.
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