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Spangles & Circles Metallic PVC Circles

Spangles & Circles Metallic PVC Circles

Colorful Curtains, Chandeliers & Centerpiece Kits

We love the sparkly look and lightweight feel of our new Spangles acrylic circle disc beaded curtains at ShopWildThings. Each metallic PVC circle is 1.5 inches in diameter on these 34-inch wide bead curtains. Each is 6 feet in length.

PVC is IFR (Inherently Fire Proof!) - great for venues!

Add length, just buy extra curtains!

Make any event or production set sparkle with these sensational metallic acrylic beads in the shape of solid circles. The 15 circle disc strands on each curtain are pre-assembled on the curtain rod. Two eyelets allow you to use hooks or nails to hang or place your curtain.

Watch our how-to video that demonstrates how to hang our beaded circle disc Spangles curtains. To shorten, simply remove jump rings that connect to each circle disc bead until you reach your desired length. To lengthen, buy another curtain. Use jump rings and beads from that extra drape to add length to your original curtain. We have matching chandeliers, too. For more width, simply hang or place two or more Spangles beaded curtains side by side.
Browse all the gorgeous colors available in our Spangles circle bead design. We have metallic brown, metallic shades of purple and a mix of gold, copper and platinum. Choose silver, blue, black, pastel pink or fuchsia. Choose creamy iridescent or turquoise.

We have super-glam Spangles chandeliers. Each has an 8-inch diameter and 18-inch length in black, light pink, fuchsia, turquoise or purple. Our Felicity line of Spangles chandeliers decorations are the perfect addition to add sparkle to doorways, outside party pavilions, posh retail stores and hotel lobbies.

Each chandelier-like overhead Felicity decoration has a center silver ring that is 5.5 inches in diameter. The center ring has 9 strands of 1.5-inch circles and pendants, and it supports 24 arched arms that alternate between 3 inches and 3.5 inches in length. With the 9-inch removable hanging chain, the total width is 12.5 inches and total length is 20 inches. Choose yours with white iridescent, fuchsia, pastel pink, black, purple, silver or turquoise Spangles beads.

  • 15 strands of 1.5" circles on each 34" x 6' curtain
  • Premium PVC construction
  • Strands pre-assembled on rods
  • Easy to adjust or length, width
  • Chandeliers in matching colors
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