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String Curtains Fire Rated, Velcro Top, Extra Long

String Curtains Fire Rated, Velcro Top, Extra Long

Highest Quality Materials – Custom Columns Available

Our Rayon String Curtains have 18 strings per inch and made of the highest quality Rayon Viscose! Our string curtain fringe panels are silky and elegant -- The finest quality you will see anywhere.
You can see and feel the difference in our product. It does not fray. You can trim them with scissors. Our curtains are silky and rich.

We offer Custom String Curtains in any color or length, and we can add Grommets or Velcro to the top, too! Our helpful staff can walk you through the process. Just call us at 928.855.6075.

We also offer String Curtains made out of Polyester Strings with Cotton Tops called "Nassau". They are nicer than the ones that you may see at mass market or at other online retailers. We are extremely careful about the quality of the merchandise that we sell. We want you to be confident that when you are paying ShopWildThings prices, you are getting ShopWildThings quality product. There are knock-offs that you can get for a bit less but you will probably not be proud to hang them in your home or at your events.

FIRE TREATMENT: Some of the styles below are ready-to-ship with a Fire Treatment. For the rest that are not treated, we can have it Fire Treated for you for a minimal cost per square foot. We do need extra time for this process, usually about a week (less by request). Some exhibit construction, special event venues, commercial spaces and retail spaces require this flame retardant certification.

We can make any of the curtains that you see below into a hanging round column! CLICK HERE to see the String Columns. They are FABULOUS!

Fun, flirty and always good for adding a bit of dramatic flair, string curtains are the perfect addition to performance stages, string curtains are a simple way to achieve a level of decorative flair. At ShopWildThings, we're fans of this often overlooked decoration staple and we take pride in creating this variety of sheer curtains to our exacting standards of quality.

Used to add a sense of grandeur to any event, these backdrops and ceiling treatments can completely transform any space. From huge events to intimate weddings, their versatility is undeniable — they can be used as backdrops, ceiling decorations or can be made into string columns.

Our customers would agree with us as well. String window curtains can be stylishly applied in a wide variety of contexts. Not only are they great for creating mystery on a stage, but we've had customers rave about how well they work in the household, and we love hearing about our customers' creative ideas! One used them to cover her foyer closet. Another used them to create a "breathable hideaway" for her. Another uses them for her linen closet while another client found them to be a great version of a regular closet door.

Needless to say, the possibilities are endless. Our customers have also found the string curtains to be anywhere from sexy to elegant to casual to decorative — it's all about the context that you put around them! These curtains are also easy to cut and adjust for any length that you may need, and the high-quality fiber prevents the strings from fraying or tangling.

String Curtains are a beautiful, elegant and unique way to cover a window...and also to hang in a doorway! Each string curtain comes with a large rod pocket at the top so that they will work with just about any size rod that you'd like to use from thin poles at home, wire, or even pipe and drape for commercial trade show booths!

String Curtains are also totally amazing when made into STRING COLUMNS, which we do right here at ShopWildThings! We've done installation for many famous venues. You can check out the photos in our Decor Photos and Ideas section. We can help you to create an amazing scene!

String Curtains take lighting really well. So if you purchase WHITE String Curtains, you can change the color just by aiming different colors of light at them.

Our String Curtain Panels have a matching rod pocket top to accept your own curtain rod or you can use drapery clips to hang. Hang multiple panels side by side for a seamless look. Use in a doorway, in a window, or as a room divider! Savvy designers are using our string curtains to create chandeliers, trade show booths, to highlight or to hide room features, and to create event backdrops. All panels are 36" Wide and vary in length from 88" to 240" long!
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