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Vase - Ceramic Square - White 5 1/4"

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5 1/2 inches
5 1/4 inches
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Item Description
For any event, choosing your theme and designing your centerpieces is the first step and sometimes it's the most stressful. Start your plans with this White Ceramic Vase and your vision will soon become a reality! White Vases really are an invaluable tool in any designer or event planners toolbox and for good reasons. White is clean, pure, elegant and it's the perfect blank slate. It goes with absolutely every color, every theme and these Square Ceramic Vases also pull double duty as candle holders!

This square vase measures 5 1/4" tall by 5 1/2" wide and the inside measurement is 4 1/2" wide. For weddings, whether you like chic and modern, traditional classic, bohemian, rustic or country, these ceramic vases are so easy to decorate to match your style! Top with any type of floral arrangement, real or artificial. If you're using water or water pearls (jelly Decor), this vase has an inside lip which really helps to keep the liquid in the vase and there are no drainage holes.

Artificial greenery and floral Decor make for a quick yet tasteful centerpiece. Roses, Boxwood Topiary Balls and Pomander Kissing Balls look especially nice with white vases. Another option is to use vase filler like pearls or acrylic stones and top with an LED flameless pillar candle, or you could fill with jelly Decor and float a waterproof LED Floating Rose candle on top. If you need a larger centerpiece, create a grouping with a variety of contents or pair with a smaller size of this identical vase. Whatever your theme, whatever your colors, White Ceramic Vases will come through for you on every occasion, every day, all year long!

As with pottery, this vase is handmade which means that no 2 pieces will be perfectly identical. Due to human involvement during the creation of this vase, it may have slight flaws or visible marks that were made during the manufacturing process. Known as ceramic flaws, you may see minor imperfections like a glaze pop, tiny bubbles or negligible scratches.
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