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How to Customize Acrylic Curtains 

Find information on DIY or custom curtain options below. 

Custom Orders are also available with the following caveat: If you have your own design in mind, the minimum order is $250.00 for us to make "one off" curtains and designs. This is because our design/quoting/fabrication time is limited. In those cases, it is usually more affordable for you to go the DIY route. We ARE set up to make custom orders for String Curtains and Chain Curtains for less than $250.00 We are not set up to make swagged, multi-different-bead, multi-different-length curtains of a totally custom design for less than $250.00. 

ShopWildThings has been known as the Go-To place for Beaded Curtains by everyone in the Entertainment Industry, Special Events, Retail Decorating Industry as well, but did you know that we are also the one-stop shop for Home Decorators, too? We will treat you right no matter if your order is for 1 curtain or 1000 curtains.

Below are some great ways that you can DIY a Beaded Curtain to fit your space and application. As always, let us know if you have questions.

Video: How to Shorten an Acrylic Beaded Curtain
Video: How to Add Width to an Acrylic Beaded Curtain (Cover Wider Spaces)
Video: How to Customize Wooden and Bamboo Curtains
Video: How to Reduce Width of an Acrylic Beaded Curtain
Video: How to Add Extra Strands for a Thicker Acrylic Beaded Curtain
Video: How to Make an Acrylic Beaded Curtain Longer

We do have a custom fabrication department right here in Arizona! Click Here for information about Custom Items that we can fabricate for you. We make custom beaded curtains, custom structures, custom chandeliers, custom string curtains, custom columns and more! 
If you'd like to send us a message about your Custom Order, Use This Form.

Below are the types of Curtains that we carry in-stock: 

1. Acrylic Curtains Just cut with Scissors! The beads will not fall off.
2. Painted Bamboo Curtains Each Bamboo Piece has wire inside. It's a long process but you can customize these if desired. You'll need wire cutters and to wrap the wire around the bottom bead. 
3. Wood Curtains Each Wood Bead has string inside. You will need to cut each strand and tie off the last bead so that the last bead you need will be in place. HERE  is more information about customizing Wooden or Bamboo Beaded Curtains. 
4. Beaded Curtains with Jump Rings Just remove the length that you don't need by removing jump rings or ADD to the length with more strands!
5. String Curtains Stock Sizes and Custom Available, Too!
6. Metal Chain Curtains Stock Sizes or ANY Custom Size! 

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