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Centerpiece Kit - Spangles Long 21" w/Glass Vase - 3 Vase & 2 Topper Color Options

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Item Description
Centerpiece Kits from ShopWildThings are an easy fix for what can be a complicated issue when designing for your party. Now, all you have to do is choose your colors. We've combined some fun and colorful Metallic Beaded Toppers with your choice of Glass Vase Color. We'll include a stability platform for you to place the topper on.

Spangles Chandelier decoration - You loved our Spangles Circles Beaded Curtains, now we're bringing you matching hanging decorations! We call these "chandeliers" because you can add a light kit to them, but there is not a light kit included. It looks super bright and metallic and fun without any added lights. If you want them to light up, consider adding one of our light kits or LED Discs to hang on top. You might also like the matching Spangles Beaded Curtains that will really help tie your look together for both events and home decorations. This fun and hanging decoration features 2 concentric rings, 6" diameter inner ring with 18" long strands and 8" diameter outer ring with 11" long strands, 9" removable chain. PVC circles are 1.5" in diameter. Total length is 27" long.
We will include a Glass Eiffel Tower Vase in your choice of Color.

To place your order, please use the buttons above to indicate your choice of :

1) 20" Tall Vase Color: Black, White or Clear
2) Chandelier Topper Color: Fuchsia or White Iridescent.

Alternatively, you may call us to place your order over the phone with one of our helpful & knowledgable Customer Service stars: 928.855.60745

To assemble your Centerpiece Kit, you'll simply use the stability platform into the Glass Vase. Secure it by using any type of paper to hold it in place, as it is a little narrower than the vase. Open the Chandelier decoration and remove the hanging chains. Place it on top of the vase. Use an adhesive double-sided craft tape (Our UGlue Dashes work well) to hold the topper securely in place. You might consider adding some of our fabulous LED Acolute Floralytes that fit nicely inside of these vases. Our Matching Spangles Beaded Curtains will also help to tie the look of your party together!
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Centerpiece Kit - Spangles Long 21" w/Glass Vase - 3 Vase & 2 Topper Color Options
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