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TOO WIDE? Cut Your Curtain Narrower - WITH VIDEO TUTORIAL!

How to Cut your Beaded Curtain Header Rod to be Narrower:

It's easier and cheaper to buy two of our curtains and customize the width yourself. The only width we have available ready-made is 3 feet wide.

Here's what you do:

The bead curtain rods can be cut with a saw. What you would need to do is remove (they are glued, you will need an Exacto knife or similar) one of the end caps on the tubular rod.

You then slide out the piece of heavy plastic inside that the beads are hanging from.

Cut the rod with a saw. Cut the piece that the beads hang off of with scissors.

Re-insert the beads and their holder into the rod.

Pop the end cap back on....and you have a custom curtain!
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