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Spectacular Silks:  Using Faux Florals Effectively in Ceremonies and Receptions

Spectacular Silks: Using Faux Florals Effectively in Ceremonies and Receptions

These are NOT Your Grandmother's Silk Flowers:
The biggest barrier to using silk flowers at weddings and events is mental: it's just so hard to evict images of low quality silks in poorly done arrangements from our brain's storehouse of Things Not To Do.

Today's modern faux florals are lush, realistic, and gorgeous. they're simply a different (more fashionable) breed than we remember from dusty church corners and nursing homes, and we are about to burst with ideas for using this new generation of silks in truly elegant designs.

We need to say upfront that we looooove live blooms and work with tons of uber talented florists who make brides' dreams emerge from orchids and creativity. Just as important as learning where you can use artificial florals is learning where you (definitely) can't.

We will show you how to get the most for your bride's budget by incorporating silk floral walls and cascades where the effect is luxurious ~ but no one will get close enough to know they're faux. In low centerpieces, bouquets, and anywhere else that your guests will have a bird's eye view of your blooms, live florals are absolutely the best value.

We can illustrate this idea perfectly with pictures. In this large square seating arrangement, an oversized Manzanita tree serves as a focal point. The low cream florals absolutely have to be live blooms, and spending a bit more on them will add elegance and scent to the entire tablescape. The dense floral chandelier, on the other hand, is the ideal place for faux florals, since it's beyond close visual inspection and comprised of dense clusters of blooms.

Likewise, this chic white and blush tableau in the 2nd photo features so many flowers that the overall effect is simply breathtaking. The table swag and centerpieces are lovely live arrangements, and the Crystal Candelabras and tiered wine glass candle holders add visual interest without breaking the bank. The Suspended Floral Chandelier, on the other hand, is an ideal location to mix faux florals with live blooms, or just to use silks. The trick is to go big enough on the live blooms that they establish the ambience, and then to incorporate enough faux florals to keep the budget inside the bride's comfort zone.

In both of these cases, live blooms and faux florals are mixed with an eye toward giving brides the most for their budgets, to great effect. Moreover, what a great way to differentiate your event business from your competitors ~ by offering additional value, sustainability, and efficient event setup.

Faux Florals Take Center Stage
We started with the reception because, um, did you see those photographs? But the ceremony space is actually one of the BEST places to save some money without skimping on the visual effect by using faux florals. Of course you want your bride to make a dramatic entrance and to exchange her vows in front of a stunning backdrop. But Decorating two separate venues for the wedding and the reception is costly, and the reality is that a typical Western wedding ceremony lasts 20-30 minutes and is viewed from pretty far away.

Enter the budget friendly heroes of gorgeous wedding ceremonies everywhere: faux florals. In the 3rd photo, we love the lush floral cascades lining this cathedral aisle, and we also love the fact that you can install our super realistic sprays, enjoy them throughout the ceremony, and pack them away in minutes instead of hours. They will not require much care or feeding to look amazing at a season's worth of events, and you'll have plenty of money left over for other wow! factors at this wedding because you didn't spend thousands on your aisle Decor. Even better, they will withstand the inevitable distracted brushing of guests on the way to their seats without becoming crushed or wilted. And if you're really concerned about faux floral stigma, incorporate some live blooms at the top of each cascade to add drama and perfume.

Likewise, as in the 4th photo, the trend toward Floral Walls as ceremony backdrops has the potential to make or break a bride's overall Decor budget. Why overspend on an item that no one going to see close up? This floral wall illustrates perfectly how faux florals offer the same look as real flowers. What it can't show you are the man hours that it saved in setup and break down, nor the sustainability happy points that you'll get by using our modular system at years' worth of weddings and events.

We love to save money, and we love a well placed splurge. Does that sound contradictory? Really, it's all about value ~ we don't mind spending money on things that are worth it, and we therefore conserve our funds for those splurges. Actually we're pretty sure that that's human nature. So, encourage your brides to get the orchid bouquet if that's her dream floral, or spend more to sprinkle some out-of-season peonies in the centerpieces if that's her jam. You can offer her the best of both worlds by incorporating faux florals where the difference is truly meaningless, and then by using the savings to fund her favorite things.

Whether you need some help drawing the lines between faux and live floral applications, or want our customer service experts to help you calculate just the right quantities and shipping speed to get you the perfect pieces for your next event, we have the products and the know-how to get you started.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you find the innovative floral Decor that will make your next event a showstopper without being a budget buster.
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