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Home  >  Gold Comes Roaring Back in Chic Chandeliers, Bead Curtains, and Accessories
Gold Comes Roaring Back in Chic Chandeliers, Bead Curtains, and Accessories

Gold Comes Roaring Back in Chic Chandeliers, Bead Curtains, and Accessories

We have a soft spot in our heart for things that are timeless and classic. And if something is timeless, classic, and also shiny, we're all in. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to read/see/notice/know-in-our-very-soul that yellow gold is an "it" color in home Decor again. Whether you're buying jewelry or redoing rooms, this queen of metallic finishes is everywhere, in heritage and cutting edge pieces that are defining everything from outfits to rooms to whole events. Really, can more sparkle be bad? We think not.

And that's why perhaps one of our favorite uses of yellow gold is in chandeliers. We don't know if it's "The Great Gatsby," "Downton Abbey," or just simple good taste that is driving gold"s reappearance in lighting, but the trend is undeniable. And if you're wondering why, check out this delightfully feminine, sexy dining room. Layers of gold on the walls and ceiling, in the artwork, and in a statement piece of a Chandelier and matching chandelier-ish sconces prove that too much of a good thing is just about perfect. You can recreate this sumptuous look on a budget, and any good designer will tell you that lighting is the place to start.

If injecting a note of this season"s hottest color into your existing color palette is more your style, the 2nd photograph showcases well designed storage and subtle incorporation of Gold Accessories and window treatments. And you *know* that we love a Gold Curtain.

Another way to dip your toes in the water of this season"s hottest trend is to include metallic accessories that can easily be reassigned, relocated, and even repainted in the future if you so choose. Garden Stools are one of the most versatile pieces that we sell ~ they're mobile and can function shift from seating to end table to outdoor Decor as your needs (or your party"s center) change.

In the 4th photo, this to-die-for master bedroom has it all ~ gorgeous four-poster bed, great light, Decor that invites you to stay in bed, and even a romantic Bed Canopy to balance the sleek lines of the bed frame. We could easily see gold String Curtains incorporated as sheers to enhance the sense of color and light on a budget.

In the last photo, the gold butterfly accents in this pretty room bring a touch of whimsy that lightens the mood without detracting from the luxurious vibe of the room as a whole.

Whether you want to add a few pieces to embrace the trend or commit fully to this classic finish, yellow gold is both timeless and hot, and we love the way that it is making a comeback in everything for the home.
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