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Interview:  Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs, Part Deux

Interview: Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs, Part Deux

Sarah had too much awesomeness for one post, so we're back with the second installment of our interview with her. Sarah is the founder and lead designer of Annapolis, Maryland based Intrigue Designs, one of the premier event design firms on the East Coast. She plans gorgeous weddings and events at some of the most exclusive venues in the area, and we're really thrilled to bring you her thoughts from behind the scenes in the event industry.

So without further ado, let's get to Sarah's thoughts on all things event related.

One of the things that sets A List event designers apart is the fact that they have a signature style. Each event is unique, but there are stylistic elements that are taken to the next level by the best designers. Events by Intrigue Designs are "often recognizable by the abundance of blooms. Our style is full and lush. Our centerpieces often have so many blooms the design spills over the end of the container and rests gracefully on the table."

That combination of luxurious fullness and romance is really a hallmark of Intrigue Designs. This gorgeous table includes tiers of natural elements in abundance ~ from blooms, branches, and grapevine poms to moss and Suspended Orchids.

We asked Sarah to take us through her thought process as she arrives at one of her favorite venues with a new bride. Her answer speaks volumes about how she keeps her designs fresh from event to event ~ and helps explain why she's one of the most sought after designers in her area.

"I LOVE this question. Part of the excitement I have when working with brides is understanding the vision and bringing the dream to life. While I am meeting with my client or walking the venue, my focus is on ways I can surprise and excite my couple. I am looking at the overall space and imagining my client stepping into the room and hearing an audible gasp as the finished design is revealed."

In the 2nd photo, we're guessing that Sarah got that "audible gasp" when she revealed this space to her bride. We gasped a little, too, when we saw this innovative use of chandeliers to create cascading florals with warm candlelight glowing inside suspended glass globes.

One of the questions that we hear often from brides is simply why they should spend the money to hire a pro. We think that Sarah's answer is spot on, especially based on our experience photographing weddings with and without event designers. Long story short, no designer = stressed out bride/mother. On the other hand...

"Working with a professional event designer allows the host to enjoy the event and partake in all of the grandeur and styling that is brought to life by the designer. As a host, part of the fun is to be present at the event and mingle with guests knowing that the event will be an incredible experience for everyone involved."

Because really, would your mom want to be schlepping around behind the scenes and risk missing this moment?

For those considering a career in event design, Sarah has this advice:

"For those dreaming of a career as an event designer, I highly suggest studying under the leaders in the wedding industry. The best designers in the country have learned the art of event design by trial an error, and many of them are offering workshops, classes, and seminars to help share their knowledge and experience with budding designers. There is no need to learn the hard way when so many incredible opportunities are available to you."

Sarah didn't mention her own workshops, but we can't help but let you in on *that* little industry secret.

Finally, knowing that Sarah is a loyal ShopWildThings customer, we had to ask what products she loves and what she wishes we had for her. "The String Columns are my favorite ShopWildThings item. They are versatile, easy to hang and easy to care for." As for the product on her wish list, she "would love a series of suspended pieces for making floral chandeliers. Pieces that are designed specifically to hold floral foam rings or floral raquets with oasis foam. Currently I use a candle chandelier purchased from your company years ago. It has been the best option, but I would love to have more options."

We do love what she's done with our chandeliers, but we're even more pleased to hear what an established pro wishes ~ food for thought as we consider what new products to bring to our warehouse. Or to create.

We hope that you've enjoyed getting to know a little more about Sarah, about Intrigue Designs, and about what goes on behind the scenes to produce the gorgeous photographs that you've seen of luxury events. We love working with talented pros like Sarah, and we pride ourselves on getting you the best quality product that is just right for the job you need to do. If you're not sure exactly what you need, call us at 1-928-855-6075 and talk to one of our friendly, on-site customer service folks. They can help you figure out just what you need and how to get it to you on time for your next event.
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