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Home  >  Layered Table Lighting in High-Low Centerpieces|Creating Elegant and Upscale Tablescapes
Layered Table Lighting in High-Low Centerpieces|Creating Elegant and Upscale Tablescapes

Layered Table Lighting in High-Low Centerpieces|Creating Elegant and Upscale Tablescapes

It's no secret that we're huge fans of high-low centerpieces. If you're not convinced, take a gander at this photograph of another jaw-dropping Tamara Wendt Design wedding reception featuring particularly effective tablescapes. Her tables integrate tall, medium, and small layers of light to create a striking display at each table and an integrated scene in the whole room. In a historic venue or an elegant home, this centerpiece style strikes just the right note, fitting perfectly with the surroundings while also marking the day as thoroughly special.

One of the (many) things that we adore about high-low centerpieces is that they are so easily scalable, adaptable, and affordable. You can seat your guests at tables of different lengths without having any issues of symmetry. You can incorporate personal pieces without having to purchase scads of precisely matching anything. And you can add flowers in whatever quantities and arrangements your budget permits, while using your designer's warehouse of design staples to create an affordable base of lanterns, candelabras, votives and wine stem vases. Designing the mantle, as Tamara Wendt did in this gorgeous wedding reception, adds glamour and a finished look to the entire room. At the same, time, if you're budget is not quite so luxurious, focusing on more Candles, fewer blooms and tables only is very effective.

Incorporating both round and rectangular tables that go from day to night is seamless with these high low centerpieces that showcase both blooms and candles. We love the unique glass vase on this round table, the Dripping Pearls and beads, the votives and the brooch-embellished cylinder candle vases. Just the right mix of pearls, sparkles and blooms for this soft, historic venue. To increase the effectiveness of the centerpiece without increasing the cost, build it atop a simple display mirror to get more bang for your bloom and candle buck.

Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering for you closest friends, a gala for 1000, or something in between, we love the look and the flexibility of high-low centerpieces. We can't thank Tamara Wendt Design enough for sharing her creativity with us. We always get a little giddy when shipping out her pieces, knowing that we'll see top-notch results soon.
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