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Centerpieces that go Above and Beyond

Centerpieces that go Above and Beyond

You may not be totally surprised to find out that our absolute favorite centerpieces are the ones that make a strong design statement and serve as reception focal points.

We like those boss centerpieces for lots of reasons. One, we've seen a lot of centerpieces, but we still love to have our jaws dropped by fab design... Two, centerpieces really are de rigeur at weddings and major events, so it's best to take the "have to" and make it a "wow!" And three, done well, they are a repeatable design element, an accessible piece of art for each table, and a smart way to get the most from your wedding budget.

In this luxe tented reception, visually it's hard to say where the centerpieces end and the tent Decor begins. Tall Candelabras on the tables paired with distinctive chandeliers suspended from the tent add layers of elegance. Burlap runners and winding greenery and florals down the center of the table and on each chair add to the guests' experience of being surrounded by unfussy luxury.

In this rustic setting, the bead-intensive chandeliers and bright florals in tall vases provide a one-two punch for a look that is chic and seamless in this space. Hats off to the designer, who chose bright table linens and repeated the color subtly in the blooms.

A tall centerpiece channels a little rustic, a little natural, and a lot of pretty. We love the tangled branches paired with suspended glass candle holders. Tiny succulents on the tables complement the tall arrangements, and the draped fabric brings a romantic vibe while lowering the ceiling height a bit.

Elegant simplicity is right at home in this tented reception. The burlap runner grounds the long, low centerpiece, and the suspended florals add drama just as a chandelier would.

Whether you want to mix chandeliers and Tall Centerpieces for a dramatic, layered effect, or to punctuate long, low centerpieces with taller elements, we have a warehouse full of products to help you realize your creative vision.

Give our knowledgeable customer service folks a call to get help placing an order that gives you the most bang for your Decor buck, including the right types, numbers, and sizes of quality pieces to make your client's event perfect. We're available to help at 1-928-855-6075.
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