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Show Your Design Mettle with Metal Chain Curtains

Show Your Design Mettle with Metal Chain Curtains

Using Metal Chain Curtains in place of traditional curtains and as visual room dividers is a cutting edge design trend with staying power. We love the modern style, clean look, and flexibility of metal chain curtains, not to mention their affordability and sustainability. Regular readers might recall that David Bromstad used our aluminum chain curtains in his House of Rock dining room. The L. A. Times article highlighting his work is here.

In the main photo is David Bromstad in his genius dining room in The House of Rock. He might be surrounded by our aluminum chain curtains. And there might be a few of the ladies of Shop Wild Things lurking just out of the frame… Hard to say.

So, obviously it helps to be a Design Star if you’re setting out to do… Well, probably pretty much anything. But you don’t *have* to be an experienced pro to get great results with our metal chain curtains. Need proof? Watch this Video that tells you what you need to know to order and work with metal chain curtains. Really.

After the video then you can do things like create a division between two modern work spaces, or really any two spaces, without losing precious natural light. 2nd Photo.

Or like in the 3rd photo, install a wall-on-a-track that can be used as a sleek sun shade during the heat of the day, or as a sexy curved wall when the sun fades.

Puddled curtains of any kind make us happy (4th photo), and chain curtains fan out beautifully when pulled back and puddled here. Metal chain curtains are just hard to beat for sheer functionality ~ they’re a perfect room divider when drawn across the space and a chic backdrop when pulled back.

And if you want a little drama in your life (last photo), simply add Uplighting and a metal chain curtain to give your space an industrial loft feel on a studio apartment budget.

So whether you have a small space that needs an upscale room divider to maximize both form and function, a solution to sunshine for a wall of windows, or just a decor element with a side of fabulous Aluminum Chain Curtains are a great bet for bringing a modern aesthetic with a price tag that even an ascetic can appreciate.
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